State Department to Jermaine Jackson: Enjoy Africa, Deadbeat!

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Who would have guessed when Jermaine Jackson took a trip to Burkina Faso in Africa that he would end up stuck there because of his failure to pay child support.

His passport expired and he can't get a new one until he does.

How does that work? In 2008, Jermaine's baby mama Alejandra Jackson (mom of Jafaar and Jermajesty), had a judge issue a support order for $3,000/month.

Jermaine has racked up $91,921 in back child support since.

Under California law, if someone owes more than $2,500 a month, the state informs the U.S. government, which often will red flag that person's passport.

Once the passport expires, it cannot be renewed until the person becomes current on their outstanding support obligations. Now here's where it gets crazy.

Jermaine's passport expired during his trip, so he can't get a new one and is stuck overseas until he comes up with the cash or the U.S. Embassy intervenes.

The Embassy will often issue temporary papers so the person can return to the U.S. in certain situations, but we don't imagine they're in a huge rush here.

Who doesn't renew their passport so it doesn't expire by the time they come back from an international trip? Dude should be kept there out of stupidity.

Also, not only can he not support his kids, but he names one of them Jermajesty and the other one tries to taser Blanket. Not cool, Jermaine. Not cool.


Jermaine, i have been a fan since the 70's you should be ashamed of yourself! having kids with your brothers wife, you know what they say, can take you out of Gary, but cant Take the Gary out of you!


How in the Hell, he can be so Dunce because the kids with grandma he though he did not have toPay no one showed him the proper paper work o he was Mr.Big shot how in the Hell a American get throwed out of the U.S.A this is some real bullshit@t that y I love N.Y.


Jermaine,thanks for the heads up on Burkina Faso.
"Its real".Peace Out.............Hipstar and Janet!


any parent that doesn't pay child support but can take trips out of the country should get this done to them. Just like Eddie Cibrian buying a wedding ring for $85K but asking for a reduced child support payment due to lack of income.


the whole family is a mess


Co-sign Reina!!! "Jergreasey" just needs to have a seat. If he can afford to go to Africa then he could of took that money and put it towards that cumbucket baby mama he got sloppy 2nds from. He and that trick are a hot azz mess!!!


As irresponsible as I believe Jermaine is (he's like a spoiled child) this woman Alejandra is horrendous.1- she has kids with Jermaine AND Randy. Disgusting. 2- she & allllll her kids have lived with Katherine. Key word here LIVED. For MANY years. So exactly what does she need child support for? Home bills? Oh wait, that's right .. MICHAELS estate pays those. Food? Righhhhht Michael again. I highly doubt this chick pays for ANYTHING. She's totally working the system. Both her & Jermaine are pathetic.


Not cool at all. Come on, I mean I used to like the Jacksons but as a person, when you are an adult and have children/obligations you take care of that. It's not that hard to do and I can't imagine he didn't have the means to do so. He deserves what he gets.