Sofia Black D'Elia: Proud of Skins, No Fan of Snooki

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Sofia Black D’Elia stars on the controversial new MTV show Skins.

As Tea, a teenage lesbian, she knows the show is bound to raise eyebrows, but defends her work on it despite the early pull-out of advertisers.

“Ss an actor on the show I’m proud of everything that we’ve done,” Sofia tells Steppin' Out. “We created something that we really care about."

SKIN: Sofia Black D'Elia is comfortable in hers.

"We feel the show has so much heart and potential and can impact so many teens,” Sofia said. “If people are going to focus on a 17-year-old having a sex scene as opposed to the rest of the entire series, there’s nothing else I can really say."

"I think those people are missing out. For parents who are afraid to let their children watch the show, they probably have some serious trust issues with their kids if they think they can be that easily persuaded by a television series."

Of parents calling this the worst show ever, she says, "I think they need to talk to their kids. There’s a serious lack of communication if they’re not letting them watch a one-hour scripted drama with the hopes they won’t get into trouble."

“We’re not raising America’s children, parents are! If you’re nervous about it, watch it with them. Maybe it will be a great conversation starter on topics they normally aren't comfortable talking about with their kids, like sex and drugs."

Surprisingly insightful stuff, no?

The hot new MTV show is rivaling Jersey Shore in the ratings, but Sofia isn’t among the legions of fans enamored by its pint-sized star, Snooki.

“I’ve never been impressed with anything Snooki has done,” she said, but did compliment the blockbuster hit as “funny and entertaining.”

Hopefully there's a Skins/Shore crossover in the works later on.


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First, As a fan of the show I must bring to everyone's attention here that this girl is 19, not 15. Second, no she may not know how to raise a child, but she really has a point. I'm sorry but when I was younger I watched worse stuff than Skins, but my mother talked to me about it and we kept open communication. I never ended up being a "bad" kid. I know kids who don't even watch TV who get into way worse that is portrayed on the show. People need to realize that it is the parents who do need to ultimately monitor their children.


Everyone needs to relax! In the UK we are on the third season of skins. Its not aimed at children, its demographic is late teens to early adult (17-25). Yes it's controversial, but that's what makes it so good! It shows the darker side of life. It reflects and exaggerates what young adults actually get up to without parental permission or knowledge.


I think the media has a rediculously powerful effect and influence on kids and teens. Even on me, and I'm 26. I think parents should definetly be keeping an eye on what their kids watch. I've seen episodes of the UK version of this show, it doesn't seem like it sends many positive messages at all, just seems to show a buch of teenagers doing stupid sh*t. I probably would ask my kids not to watch it personally. I'd rather they watch degrassi... that show focuses on teen problems, but does it in a classier way. Who needs to watch a show that graphically shows 15 year old actors pretending to have sex... it's just unnessecary


what kind of response would you expect from a teenager who wants to keep her show going because she needs a job? Why would teens want to watch a show about other teens having sex, doing drugs, experimenting, etc with their parents? Or vice versa! I've been a teen and I know what goes on I tried to watch this show but the acting/story line is just way to horrible to sit through. They should cancel this show already


I agree with her. I wont watch the show but she is right. Parents ultimately control what their child watches and it could open the door for more education on sensitive topics. This show shouldn't be removed just because it offends someone.


Really this girl should even talk about that bcz this is CRAP....`nough said....

Team me

This girl is a CHILD and has NO idea what raising a child is like. She has no idea how impressionable teenagers are. Maybe she's too busy getting spray tans and going shopping to realize that TEENAGERS ARE REALLY DOING THESE THINGS! They do not need to be encouraged by some (another!) trashy show on MTV. She has no right to tell parents how to raise their kids. Shows that exploit teen sex and drug use shouldn't be on TV. Period. If you want to make a show like this, then it should be about ADULTS and focused on an ADULT fanbase.

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