Skins Advertisers Pulling Out Prematurely

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MTV's new show Skins is under considerable pressure from critics, as well as from some advertisers who are pulling out faster than ... you know what, forget it.

Wrigley's, General Motors and H&R Block are all bailing on Skins, the controversial new show that lost Taco Bell as a major sponsor already last week.

"It was never our intent to endorse content that would offend consumers," Wrigley's said in a statement, responding to the backlash against Skins.


The Skins premiere Monday drew 3.3 million viewers, a strong number for a cable show, but received mixed reviews and a lot of harsh criticism.

Groups like the Parents Television Council have lambasted Skins for content "marketed directly to children" and calling it the worst show ever.

MTV, which faced similar criticism during the early days of Jersey Shore, hasn't blinked, feeling companies will come running back if it's a hit.


The way I see it, if you don't like a show, then don't watch it. There are plenty of worse shows out there and no one complains. Parents who complain about this should just block mtv all together, kids shouldn't be watching mtv anyway. The show wasn't aimed directly at children because if it was it would have been on nickolodean, not mtv. Nothing on mtv is directed to kids. If a parent can't control what their kid watches, then the problem isn't the show, its the parent. I happen to watch skins, and there's nothing inappropriate about the show, considering I'm not a child. I've seen worse in jersey shore, which I also watch and enjoy. All in all, this show is teenage life, things that really do happen, and anyone who can't see that probably just lives in a bubble and is trying to do the same to their kid.


Wouldn't it have been smart to look at the original British version BEFORE signing on? Just saying....

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