Skins Advertisers Pulling Out Prematurely

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MTV's new show Skins is under considerable pressure from critics, as well as from some advertisers who are pulling out faster than ... you know what, forget it.

Wrigley's, General Motors and H&R Block are all bailing on Skins, the controversial new show that lost Taco Bell as a major sponsor already last week.

"It was never our intent to endorse content that would offend consumers," Wrigley's said in a statement, responding to the backlash against Skins.


The Skins premiere Monday drew 3.3 million viewers, a strong number for a cable show, but received mixed reviews and a lot of harsh criticism.

Groups like the Parents Television Council have lambasted Skins for content "marketed directly to children" and calling it the worst show ever.

MTV, which faced similar criticism during the early days of Jersey Shore, hasn't blinked, feeling companies will come running back if it's a hit.

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Fuckin pull this under age orgie shit!!


Hey Lindsey- you lived like those teens, and now you're a success. Good for you.
I lived like those teens too, and now I have a criminal record so bad I can't pass a background check for a job. Teens don't grasp the reality of their actions as it is, & now you think it's good they see a show of sexy teenage criminals above the law? Please......this show is nothing but trash


@Josh - you asked about a show talking about consequences?? Well, continue to watch the series, there are plenty consequences that reveal themselves.. Give the show a chance! (p.s. i only know this because it's an exact copy of the UK version which I have seen an entire season of)


I applaud MTV for putting this show out there for today's viewers. This is a great way for parents to see the real issues and situations faced by teenagers. Watch the show together and talk about it. If you're a neglectful or lazy parent, and you're letting your kid watch whatever they want and don't follow up about it, you should probably be worried about what else they're doing that you don't know about, much worse than watching television. Or if you're a parent who cares about your teen's morals, then you should be talking about these issues and know enough about their life to trust what they're doing regardless of what is on television. Your teen should know that these things go on and know how to respond the right way. Turning off your tv isn't going to change that.


I watched Skins on Mtv the other night and I didn't know what to expect, the commercials seemed like it was either drugs,sex,depression or partying so I was curious to see what kind of storyline the show has..but I wasn't impressed by some young guy walking around cocky talking about every girl he had hooked up with and he pretty much controlled everyone..I am not a parent I am 21 I watch the Jersey Shore sometimes too but it is all about sex and just sex with strangers which is gross...and then to know the cast is getting paid thousands of dollars to get smashed and smoosh some random girl it just is gross.


i'd love to know who is still advertising on this show... so i can let them know that i'll be avoiding their products


I see that we are not sending out good moral message anymore. Teenagers are growing up with the wrong ideas about who they are and how they conduct themselves is sad. All sense of pure morality is down the tubes. And whats even more sad is that its going to continue.


mtv will be in hot water not for the content itself but for the underage actors in a show that's mainly about getting wasted and having sex. If you think the show wasn't advertised to young teens then it was made for adults who enjoy watching 15 year olds getting it on on tv. Either way, advertisers should be concerned.


Hummmm let's see a show not intended for teens .....your cast = all teens , your story line = teen life style. I'm the last one to point fingers but late last year ads for this show was being ran and I thought to my self that's ll we need is teen agers seeing this crap and doing it....teens aren't dumb they know tv is fake but the subject matters being represented are what plagues teen agers today ( drug use , crimes against the community , and practiceing sex ) we where all this age once and all these things are going to happen its part of life , but to glorify it on national tv infront of millions of viewers now that's un acceptable. How about a show focusing on these issues and end results to. Suchs as jail , detox,rehab, and having to experiencing the "real world" early in life.