Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud: Married!

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Just two weeks ago, we learned Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud were engaged. The engagement didn't last long ... they got hitched last night!

The country superstar and her companion of several years got married in Puerto Rico on New Year's Day, her rep confirmed to People this morning.

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Shania Twain, who confirmed the engagement last month, became involved with Frederic Thiebaud after their original spouses had an affair.

Congratulations to the Thiebauds!

"Adjusting to life after separation and divorce, I needed to lean on others more often than I was accustomed to," Shania wrote to her fans online. These people have been gifts, and I am fortunate to have so many of these beautiful people."

"Talking about love, I'm excited to share some personal news - I'm in love! Frederic Nicolas Thiebaud has been a precious gift to me; a compassionate, understanding friend. Over time, an amazing love has blossomed from this friendship."

It sure has. We wish them both the best. In other New Year's wedding news, Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale also made it official Saturday!

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I love how this story hits the web and all the so called "experts" on Shania Twain's private life and relationships in general, come out of the woodwork!! How the heck do any of you know how these 2 feel about each other? I know celebrity marriages are not the best usually but the immediate negativity towards them is unreal. I don't understand why all of the bashing on her, she was married to her ex for quite a while and HE'S the one who left her. @Todd Branson, do you know her personally that you know she's doing everything for the public? To me it seems she tries her best to stay out of the lime light. Your mind is twisted by all of the other celebs dirty deeds that you automatically assume nude pics will come out? Brutal.


@Grammar Diva- Wow, two years of marriage! That's such a long, long time! & you know he's faithful cuz military men never proposition women while their wife is back at the house!


I am a true believer in love and happiness, and when you are blessed to meet that special someone and you are mutually happy,
the best thing to do is go on with your lives, with no explanation to us who are not involved in your lives on a daily basis. If Shania and Frederic found their "great love" after being betrayed by their own spouses, and discovered a mutual bond while comforting each other and chose to marry instead of living together,the outcome of their relationship speaks for itself. All the best to this young couple and their family.


he's cute. if shania is happy that's all that matters. at the end of the day she has to curl up in bed with him not us. she could do worse and marry a grammar diva.


i am happy for shania.. shes so beautiful and seems like a nice person..congraduations


What the 'happy marriage' article does not mention is that their respective ex-spouses are living with each other. Wft. This is an extreme case of wife-swap. Celebrities these days will do anything for beaver and cock. The rohit guy is not entirely off his head. Replace 'american' with 'american celebrities' in his comment. As for grammer diva, get over your punctuation fixation! And we hope your 'wonderous journey' with your soldier boy goes beyond the third anniversary before both of you go pussy/cock hunting.


Wow, that fred guy must be overjoyed marrying a wealthy woman. I guess he's officially taken to being the swiss lapdog/houseboy role. Fred rub my feet, fred get me this!, fred do my bidding."okay shania whatever your rich heart desires" I will do anything for money, absolutely anything. OH and fred while your at it could you GET A LIFE AND SOME BALLS.!


What a sham. Shania does everything for public perception and stupid us fell for it, she is merely trying to ressurect her ailing career. Whats next nude photos of the honeymoon!, for god sakes woman.....give it up already! and while your at it how are the anti againg hormone treatments going?, one look at sly stallone should steer you away from them eh/!


Wow! Some people are so rude like ignorant ass who claimed that all Americans do is cheat on each other, well NEWSFLASH : I'm an American married to a soldier & we're about to celebrate our second anniversary and have been. 100% faithful to each other. To those commentors who refuse to use proper grammar, you're doing a fantastic job making yourselves look completely uneducated and ridiculous As to the story: I wish the happy couple all the best on this wonderous journey.


Ummmm. They are both Canadian, not American. Yes honey, there really is a difference.

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