Selena Gomez Twitter, Facebook Hacked: Video Evidence!

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To the countless young women out there who wish to date Justin Bieber, be warned: it isn't all fun and bangs.

Selena Gomez, who has already faced a number of death threats from obsessed fans, had her social networking accounts hacked into today. Some moron known as "Pkinj0r-aka-Prokill" went in and launched attacks on Bieber and his followers. To wit:

Fake Tweet

The incident took place around 10:30 a.m. EST, as the hacker actually posted a YouTube video (below) that cataloged his use of Selena's Facebook page.

After a half hour, Gomez regained control of her Twitter and wrote: "Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facbook [sic]. Love you guys!!!!!"

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Really people why the hell do you have to hate selna for dating justin bieber.If you were true fans you would be happy for them. Selena is a very talatent person you people are just jelous of her and , stop hacking her acount is is invason of private things se has on there so you just need to STOP!!!!!!! P.S. selena if you read this you are AWESOME!!!!!! :)


Selana you don't need to worry about anything as long as you have your friends and fans no worrys Btw like you song who says


Well im not so fond of selena marie gomez rite now.......iam not a hater you can call it what you like but i love justin and selena i love her show but your singing is not the best.......these belieber gurls are crazy i kinda give them credit tho they are not gonna giv up and actually there was something posted up on their website planning to do something BAD to her so if i were you me and justin would have been kept on the dl but hey do wat you like to selena just leave justin alone hes soon gonna lose respect for his fans but i hope they do break up for all saftey


wow people need to stay the heck off of selena gomez face book that is so rude did you'll every heard keep your hands off of other people stuff,i watch her show and music all the time you are awesome selena people are just jeaouse of you that all,i don't belive anything they say anyways,my mom always said don't belive everything you here your fan punky


This Gossip is not true you can see on my twitter profile I dont have anything status that I wrote last time that " Justin bieber sucks " and It's not true that Someone hack my twitter account and I dont have a facebook.


Hi selena marie gomez thank you for following me on facebook and giving your cell phone number and tell phone number I will always support and The best thing about you being kind to all the people who follow you , okay thanks I will go to your house tom. It's that okay thanks :D Xoxo your fan I cant tell my name selena here but I will tell you who is this in twitter the on you follow :D thanks


Hi thank you for supporting Me and justin bieber , And I want to know that thank you for supporting us especially justin bieber and for the haters of justin bieber or me it's okay I can deal with that so please still support us and please watch on disney. WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE thanks XOXO selena gomez.


if you were really JUSTIN BIEBER FANS youd be HAPPY for him and not death threat her -.-' seriously people
i might not be a fan of JBS but i adore SELENA GOMEZ and she doesn't deserve this. #1 australian selena gomez fan.


I like u Selena I wish u were my sister


People are crazy who hates selena she could take her own decesions but i think i am her number one fan so stop it people get your fuckin life ok

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