Selena Gomez: Favorite Breakout Artist!

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Selena Gomez really needed this.

Following a week in which she actually received death threats for kissing Justin Bieber, the singer was reminded at last night's People's Choice Awards: fans really do love me!

The 18-year old was named Favorite Breakout Artist, appearing on stage to both accept the award and also to perform with her band. Watch her entertain attendees with a rendition of "A Year Without Rain" now:

Gomez also showed off a pair of looks at the event, one on the red carpet and one in which she performed. Compare then below and vote on your favorite.

Breaking Out
Performance Outfit

Which look do you prefer on Selena Gomez?

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If u r guna b a bitch & say u hate hr thn y r u lukin up stuf bout her? go and coment on ppl u lik


She is so bad at singing dont even know why justin was kissing her he can do better than that!


I luv selena! she 's beautiful, a great singer. her voice is NOT WEAK!! she deserves the prize! you people who hate selena are just jealous....grow up kids!


Hey stop saying bad stuff about selena gomez! Sure you'll just say''Oh thats my opinion!'' And by the way she is NOT a horrible singer! Celebrites r pretty much regular people only thing they have alot of money and papariaties chasing them and(Most of them) Screaming fans. If u dont like her singing change the channel and get off of the internet sight! U may also say that they r not right 4 each other but i think that they R! It may seem that u dont like her b cuz she is dating him. Who cares! THEY R ALREADY DATING EACH OTHER! SO GET OVER IT! MOVE ON!


She's GORGEOUS! Has anyone whining about her winning even heard her sing? She has a cute voice, not the best but she's good. She's the one who sings the end song on the 1st tinkerbell movie & that's a really good song. She's been a good role model cuz she isn't slutty, she keeps her clothes on, she hasn't been seen doing drugs or having sex or taking nude photos. She's a good example of what young celebs should be like :) keep up the good work cutie!


Ooooooooooooooo I love her and I love him but they r wrong for each other SERIOUSLY


She look BEAUTIFUL!!! And for those of you who say she didint deserve it...go fuck yourself...she is just an sweet,innocent 18 yr. Old girl...whats wrong with pretty sure that the ppl who dont like her are about 20% beiber fans...just saying!


It was the PEOPLE'S CHOICE awards, so if you don't think she is good enough to win, then you can only kick yourself for not voting for who you thought deserved to win. i hate people who complain and complain about the outcome of situations, but do nothing themselves to change it. selena was very modest when she won, she was like "really? are you sure?". She didn't act like she expected it. She's a sweet girl.


she is so creepy! i can't even hear the voice she is the worst singer in the whole world!!!! disgusting! no talent, i just don't get it why people don't see how annoying she is on stage! Gomez outta STAGE!


She is a crap singer!!!

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