Say Hello to Renesmee!

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Little by little, Summit Entertainment is revving up its publicity for Breaking Dawn.

First, we were treated to the hottest still image in Twilight Saga history. Then, the studio released the official logo for this installment of the franchise.

Breaking Dawn DVD Cover

Now, producers have unveiled a promotional photo of Mackenzie Foy, the 10-year old actress who will portray Edward and Bella's half-human spawn, Renesmee. The burgeoning star has appeared in FlashForward and Hawaii Five-O, but Breaking Dawn will mark her big screen debut. Expect it to be a doozie.


This is not in any way a promotional shot for Breaking Dawn nor was it released by summit. This photo is from a photo shoot Foy did late summer/early fall 2010. It's been floating around since she was announced as Renesmee back in October.


She so beautiful little girl,and i think she is great for the role. . . love u Foy. . can't waiting until the movie come out. . . .


Expect the name renesmee to become extremely popular in the next few years! Just like the name isabella. Although the name isabella renesmee sounds really pretty!


@reekaa; I'm curious as to how you know what Renesmee looks like... since she's a fictional character...
Anyways, she's not exactly what I pictured. I pictured an adorable, curly-haired, wide-eyed, four/five year old with cute, chubby little cheeks. ^-^. She's a cute kid, but I think they could've done better. But she'll try her best, and we'll all end up loving the crap out of her. :)


She is to old! But it works.


Shes pretty and all but a little too old....but anyways I CANNOT WAIT TIL 11/18/11


Dont get me wrong this girl is very pretty but after reading the book she is not at all what I picture. I guess we will see when the movie comes out. She is such a main point of this last book I hope they didnt mess it up!!!


@ Kimmy.. it's pronounced Ruh nez may, it's a combination of Renee and Esme. Her full name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Carlie being a mix of Charlie and Carlisle. This young girl is very pretty, but I pictured someone closer to 5 or 7 for the scene with the Volturi. I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job either way.


WOW she does look i little but like Bella don't you think? But I can't say that she's perect maybe but I think she will do GREAT! you go girl PS NOW I THINK SHE WILL BE PRECET TOTALLY! PSS don't let others get you down follow your heart. :)


I think she is perfect for the role a bit older then expected and different eye color but beautiful nontheless. Cant wait to see breaking dawn the anticipation is killin me...TEAM SWITZERLAND!

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