Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds: It's Over!

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Tabloids like Life & Style fabricate celebrity gossip all the time, but rarely do you see a cover story directly contradicted by a star's own comments days earlier.

Such is the case here. At Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, Sandra Bullock addressed the rumors that she is dating Ryan Reynolds - a friend, but not her lovah.

Conveniently, L&S took the opportunity to announce the breakup of the non-couple today. Guess all good fake relationships must come to an end ...

Sandra and Ryan SPLIT!

IT'S OVER! This breakup must have been SO hard on them.

To its credit (we suppose), Life & Style "sources" are only quoted making vague and universally applicable statements such as "They like each other, but while there's a spark, it's not happening now. It can't. They're done."

That about clears it up then. Until the next secret getaway ...


Okay just because they were in movies together does not man they are going to hookup start dating and live a great life togther. Ryan Renolds just broke up with someone and after what happened Jesse and Sandra Bullock I don't think she would get so close to someone so fast.


i cant beleive that!!!. there such a cute couple!! why would they split up anyways!!. i hope its a rumor, it sounds weird, no one has said so...
@Britney's #1 Fan: umm are you kinda sure? after the movie all about david & the movie the proposal, are you sure there not dating?!?.


he's only just split with scarlet....apparently, i read he's known sandra for years....but he is bloody gorgeous! =)


omg yall need to get a fuck life they are not even dating yet they are just friends

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