Sammi Giancola Unleashes "Dangerous" Perfume

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If you ever wanted to smell like a painful, joyless brat from the Garden State, Jersey Shore star Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola has a new perfume line coming out.


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    Samantha I couldn't agree with you more. Except for the wining, that is such odd critic. I think Jenni whines all the time and that SHE (Jenni!) really has an annoying voice. And what about Snooki?? She sounds like whining if anything. They all whine. All but Sammi, i don't think she whines, I think she is just honest and has a back bone. I also could see Ron physically hurt her and I bet he already have in between the seasons of filming. It is chocking with all theese people who has watched the same things as me calling Sam the same thing as Ron does and supporting this monster. Are they that stupid? They follow anyone who seems most popular at the time and then switch very fast if that changes??!! The world is full of cowards. Sammi is not one of them.


    Well you pathetic article writer. I think Sammi is one of the strongest women seen on television. And prettiest. And cutest too :) I will definetaly order her perfume :) And sooo sad for you cause noone would ever want to smell like a hateful, jealous blogger without a life ;p


    I'd rather by a Sammi perfume than a Ronnie one that's for sure. I know she can be a drama queen, but Ronnie is an abusive ass. I've been in an abusive relationship like that and it's not nice and of course Sammi gets the blame for it all the time because Ronnie is so popular and society is so sexist. She might be a bit annoying, but I see that she has a right to complain. I can't believe their back together, I could see him beating her up one of these days and it's sad. She could do better.

    It's amazing how people will call what she is doing raging, but when he is flipping over beds and calling her all kinds of horrible names and beating people up, it's just a normal reaction. She might end up getting seriously hurt one of these days, and I can still see people online supporting Ronnie.


    No one is hating on her the person who wrote the article is simply pointing out how we support an obnoxious narrow minded female who got famous for what? On MTV which I must say every reality show on that channel is scripted. People need to realize nowadays who society is looking up to people who are famous for doing absolutely NOTHING! Seriously the younger generation is thinking it is okay to be lose, drink party, get drunk be a whore, etc. NEVER in my life would I say I hate on this girl who does not even act her actual age. Call me a hater or whatever you close minded people have to say, that's just how I feel our generation is turning into.


    hey shutup dont talk about sammi like that you obviously dont no her and are just jealous to take your time making a hate page?


    I love sammi and i cant wait to get her perfume! She has a lot of appeal shes the prettiest girl on there and you can tell shes a lot of fun when ronnie's not getting her down!


    You go girl... Don't hate on her... Lol... Your just mad .. That its not you.. With all her sucess..


    Haters...Sammi is slammin. I'd smash her before any of them other chicks.


    wuaoo sammy are the best I love


    Is that why there is such a limited supply available? B/c they don't want to make a big supply and no one buy it! ;)

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