SAG Awards Fashion Face-Off: Justin Timberlake vs. James Franco

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Justin Timberlake celebrates his 30th birthday today. Will a Fashion Face-Off triumph over James Franco serve as icing on the proverbial cake?

Probably not. He has no idea this competition is even occurring. But you do, and your votes will decide the winner of this style showdown below.

So who's it gonna be? The Social Network star or the 127 Hours star, who will co-host the Academy Awards this winter? Vote and decide!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who was better dressed, Justin Timberlake or James Franco? Vote for your SAG Awards style favorite in THG's Fashion Face-Off! View Poll ยป

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I say T-Lake, but mostly because of that deliciously chic tie. (Ok, now cue the MIB song!)


JAMES FRANCOOOO, obviously!!


Well theyre both pretty much dressed the same but if i had to choose it would obiously be.....JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!

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