SAG Award Fashion Face-Off: Lea Michele vs. Kim Kardashian

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The 2011 SAG Awards was filled with Oscar winners, Emmy winners, well-respected producers, directors, writers...

... and Kim Kardashian.

Despite the lack of a category for Most Successful Professional Celebrity, Kim showed up on the red carpet of this event last night, seeming more out of place than Charlie Sheen would in church.

Did she at least look good? You tell us, as Kardashian is matched against Glee star Lea Michele in the following Fashion Face-Off. For the former's sake, let's hope readers don't vote on talent alone.

Fashion Face-Off!

One is a talented the singer. The other has a really good publicist. Compare the looks of Lea Michele and Kim Kardashian now! View Poll »


i love kim! i think she looks amazing. i dont watch glee but that girl is not even close to good looking and where are her boobs?


I have a question. Why do you hate Kim Kardashian so much? Did her rise to fame in some way take away from your potential to be successful? Did she pull a Tonya Harding and bash your knees as you were on the brink of having a television show? I think it's pretty obvious that all of the Kardashian sisters are tremendous beauties; with or without makeup, they would definitely stand out in a crowd. For example: Kristen Stewart of the Twilight movies, is a hideous young woman. She looks like a heroin addict who woke up on the wrong side of the needle - every morning. Miley Cyrus doesn't stand out unless she has her weight in hair extensions and eye makeup on. I think Lea Michele is pretty too - in a J.A.P. kind of way. But I'm sure none of us posting are even as good looking as any of the people we are talking about, so maybe we should focus on being the best people we can be instead of being embittered regarding people who have never done anything to us.


Kims dress is gorgeous but makes her look too thick. It would look better on someone else, so I'm going with lea michele- her dress is pretty & looks good on her.


Kims face looks f*cking terrible, she looks nothing like she did when she 1st started filming kuwtk. Did not one of her family tell her when to stop!


I like how Kim tried to have the more natural look with the less make up and messy hair. Too bad it didn't work for her. She needs to be done up all the time and that sucks for her!
Sorry honey you are not naturally pretty, that's all in your head.


They both look pretty but Kim has to get out of the way and let younger stars(with NATURAL beauty...not plastic surgeries) go through first....
@Hilton Hater
Nice way to introduce Kim...haha!!!:)

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