Rihanna Topless Sexting Pics: Leaked, Hot!

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Rihanna might want to think twice before sexting topless photos of herself to a star athlete. Or maybe she was totally planning on them leaking online.

Who knows, but it's definitely her in the pics - and they're pretty racy!

We'll break it down for you real quick. Here's the deal. The story is that after Rihanna and Chris Brown split up, she began "dating" a popular sports star.

They were into sexting (mutually at least, unlike Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger) but, as luck would have it, dude shared the pics and they made it online.

Don't you hate that? Peep one of the (hot) sexted images here ...

Rihanna Topless Sexting Pic

RIHANNA TOPLESS: And sexting! A sports figure! Who shared it with enough of his boys that it eventually leaked online! That's what happens, ladies!

The identity of the baller who received this and similar Rihanna pictures is unclear, but this was supposedly before her year-long relationship with Matt Kemp.

She was linked to Rashard Lewis in mid-2009. Just one theory.

In any case, it's not THAT bad, nor is it the first time we've seen Rihanna in such a position (thanks, Chris). So don't expect much fallout. Just standard male lust.


this is shocking i loved rihanna but i wouldnt like to see her do that , :O she looks like a sket pluss a sluttt and a whore ;,,, hoe


Wow no that not the way my role-model should do. Anyway, Riri you are hot baibe!


her body is bad OW ... but seriously - early 20s, this IS digital age, it sucks that the picks hit the net but i mean she's a grown woman.......i know i've taken racier pictures myself. this is no little girl, accept that. im a fan forever.


ok..ok...ok.....like we all havent done our own damn dirt??? Please...this girl has been thru too much shit and survived it all so ya'll can sit here & throw stones at her? Damn....whats the world coming to? Fa real? Give her a break! She's the shit....and we all kno it....leave her alone...bisides....why u lookin' anyway if ur sooooo against nudey pics anyhow.....bunch of lame-o's!!!!!!! U go girl!!!! Do the damn thing! Ha!


oh yeaa i wish i could touch does boobs all tht would be so cool and i wana see ur pussy and put my dick in it tht would be refreshing


I wasn't to see and eat her pussy! :P


Just cuz you can flaunt it doesn't mean you should!! That goes to all the Kim's and Riri's out there!


U go girl u have a beautiful figure GOD BLESS U! YOUR FAN JOSE


I dont think it cute to make ur azz look like a fool on a picture. Yes she is a beautiful young woman. But she need to learn how to be a lady, instead of a slut. When is she is going to learn? what a shame is when most of u all think it cute about her posting nude. That gurl need help like asap.


Baby plz dnt let gossip pull u down ok,we love u,4rm nigeria.

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