Rielle Hunter: NOT Engaged to John Edwards

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Rielle Hunter and John Edwards are not engaged.

Despite a report this week that John put a ring on it, "the reports are false and he is not engaged," a family spokesperson said earlier today.

Rielle Hunter Baby: Frances Quinn Hunter

Sheesh. How dare people assume an upstanding individual like John would ever pull such a move. It's not like he's some cad who cheated on his terminally ill wife and knocked up Rielle Hunter while running for U.S. President. Oh, wait ...

NOT ENGAGED: John Edwards, Rielle Hunter and their young daughter Quinn may be together someday, but not today. Check back this time next week.

Edwards' affair became public knowledge after he was busted in 2008. He denied their child was his until over a year later when he was busted again.

The disgraced former U.S. Senator's estranged wife, Elizabeth Edwards, passed away last month at age 61 after a long struggle with breast cancer.

At least she cut him out of her will at the last minute.


I kept thinking to myself, there must be 1 redeemable quality for this man and his (thing) I didn't want to curse. He supposedly walked into a sex trap a Ray Charles could have seen. She had her plan down, but forgot the protection. He's smart enough to be a Seantor, but couldn't figure this one out. The go on and love it up on the taxpayers dime. He still kisses and crawls his way in the bed with terminally ill women, not worried about compromising her health. To mark the blessed event the Sen. and his bar fly takes snap shots. Obviously this excuse for a man has to keep moving less he blows his brains out for his deeds. And to top it off his wife dies making him free and clear to legitimize his love. OH NO she doesn't want him and BOO Hoo the state wants their from from themm running South Carolina as their private motel. Lord, Please Save Us From These Fools!


Man...did I screw up?!?!? To the great folks at Hillsboro Baptist Church.... Oops, but you know you will forgive me. I just REALLY get worked-up about this story. I meant to say WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH!!! That's Westboro Baptist Church. God...help me with this... See ya soon!! ( We met up in the Hillsboro parking lot. ) , PGR rules, so does Absolute. Ok fine... GEEZEEE!!!


Boy... did i screw up up... BIG TIME!!! TO ANYONE ASSOCIATED with the Hillsboro Baptist Church... I am sorry!!! To even screw up and referrerlink you to the Westboro Baptist Church


Sorry for the rant folks... well, maybe not so much. We rode to the funeral in the cold and wet conditions... not to support this douche. It's kinda a Hillsboro Baptist Church thing we got goin' on. Anyway, I really wanted to chunk a rock at the Limo but couldn't find one. Peace be with you :)


'A Family Spokesperson'.. Ha!! Can't believe he still has one. I guess it could have been from 1 of the 2. Anyway... Hey John? You ***ked-over your wife & family, you ***ked your mistress, now go ***k yourself. R.I.P. Liz , you are still loved!!!


No doubt,even if waited 10 yrs to marry her,it will still be Discusting


Please, please hurry hurry and marry Rielle Hunter, John...Prove your lies are valuable to at least one person....Make sure and have a big wedding too..nothing says LOVE like lying to the American public and your wife. You don't have class enough to do anything different so go on and be your own best selfish friend. You don't possess the qualities of an individual who conducts themselves with respect and compassion. I would have rather seen your wife, Elizabeth president.

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