Ricky Gervais Deemed "Totally Unacceptable" as Host of Golden Globes

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He implied that Tom Cruise was gay. He made references to Robert Downey Jr. in rehab. He thanked God for making him an atheist.

At almost every opportunity during Sunday night's Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais went out of his way to subvert the atmosphere and people around him. But while the host says he has no regrets, Philip Berk has a different response.

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Says the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who was lambasted as a senile man by Gervais during the ceremony: "He definitely crossed the line. Some of the things were totally unacceptable... Any of the references to individuals is certainly not something the Hollywood Foreign Press condones."

But many of them are things at which the public laughed. Watch Gervais in action and then vote: Did he go too far?


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Great the see Ricky Gervais back...brings back some life into the Golden Globes. Ricky is hiliarious!! About time some of the celebrities 'lighten up' and not take things seriously and have a good laugh at themselves.


Loved his humor....he was telling the truth HOLLYWOOOD...and Americans like dumb ass humor...seems that everything Real is a no-no...stop being so sensitive.


i join your membership on contact


Ricky Gervais attempt at being funny reached a new low in bad taste. I always loved in your face, tell it like it is,humour, but why throw all civility in the trash bin? I think he feels most comfortable there too. To each his own! Yes, many other comic's like Rodny Dangerfield were outrageous with low humour but they also made fun of the situation's with sensativity too. RG is no RD!!!


I thnk people shuld jst chill come on the man was tryin 2 be funny


Chill pill!


I'm going to approach this not from a both a moral point of view and comedic. Ricky was funny. But he was also offensive at times. The point is that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit or humour. It's easy to say the things that Ricky did, because they are crass and contraversial. They also get him alot of attention and also the Award ceremony itself. But far better is finely crafted humour that unites and makes everyone laugh together (this truely is difficult). I think Tina Fey and Steve Carell's speech was a better example of crafted humour. I think Ricky himself would be the first to acknowledge the true comic geniuses as the likes of Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin (they could make everyone from every country laugh without feeling ridiculed). Ricky is still funny, but seen to me as a shock jock stand up comedian. Watch his creation the office for finely crafted humour. In the UK version he is the main character and the focus for most of the ridicule.


Lighten up, crybabies!


Ricky didn't go to far. It's rediculous, one sided reports like that of the Telegraph that try to sway people rather than real people making real decisions based on their opinions. Ricky Gervais is a fantastic comedian and had a fantastic night. He was on point and funnier than ever...except the dance!


don't care bout what gervais said.... just wanted to say Chris colfer is amazing!!!! and he totally deserved his award and he's brilliant and incredibly talented and I'm super happy for him!!!!