Report: Mel Gibson to Accuse of Oksana Grigorieva of Bribing Witness

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Mel Gibson’s legal team will make the claim that his estranged ex, Oksana Grigorieva, tried to bribe a witness in their ongoing legal battle, reports say.

The witness is relevant in both the ongoing criminal and family cases.

It is not yet known who it is, or what the evidence is to support the bribery allegation, but “Mel claims there was a financial incentive,” a source said.

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He Looks So Normal Here

A source close to the situation says one of Mel’s lawyers will be meeting with Deputy District Attorney John Lynch to present evidence of the alleged bribe.

Mel denies beating her, as she alleges, but admits in an affidavit to slapping her, claiming she was hysterical and out of control when holding their daughter.

Mel is being investigated for the beating (which she recently said was not isolated, alleging he beat her during sex) and Oksana for alleged extortion of Mel.

Gibson charges that her malicious behavior warrants a loss of custody.

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You don't need to have money to bribe someone. The promise of money to come will do.


If she bribes people, I'm sure her payments are not necessarily monetary.


"Reports say" means Radar Online says. I think Oksana released this on Radar Online so she can also deny it through Radar Online.


This information came out months ago and don't leave out Gloria Allred who was aware of it. Seems to me she was representing two conflicting interests and tried to stop the information from getting out about the bribe. Oksana is going down and it can't come soon enough.


errrr ... that was "PLAY itself out" and I don't care how to spell Ox name ... L I A R maybe ... who cares?


It's in the air; if I were ox, I would seriously be asking those jerk attorneys of hers where the back door is ~ she completey under-estimated Mel. While he is certainly embarressed at some of his behavior he is like a mother bear fighting for 'her' young. It's one thing to smash him but he is fighting for the safety of his child. Ox is not even worth writing about ~ this will pay itself out and no one will ever hear from or about her again. Hollywood tolerates cheats, liars, pimps, abusers, drunks, dope addicts ~ but it hates a loser ... spell that O S A N K A ~ time to go now, bye bye. Don't write, nobody cares ~


This is not a new news item. Theya re probably talking about Violet Kowal and ehr acertians to be backed up with audio tape that Ox and her camp tried to force VK to help extort mel. Anyone threatening harm to another for not helping extort is not very good parental material, eh? IT is high time for the DA to sh_t or get off the pot!


I don't trust Mel.


I agree this is a farce. Enough already, there's a lot more pressing issues than this woman. Mel take care of your own mental health cause this woman would drive a saint to the brink of sanity.


If this is proven to be true then Oksana is serously mentally ill and needs a psychiactric evaluation. This farce is going on so long because Oksana is driving it. Mel admitted long ago in court papers that he struck her.

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