Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Clip: About Kim's Drinking...

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On last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special, Camille Grammer claimed she'd been set up all season by Bravo, and also accused Kyle Richards of acting like a bully.

Part two, meanwhile, airs this week and will focus on the elephant in the room. The drunken, pill-popping, blonde elephant in the room, that is.

As previewed in this clip, Andy Cohen will raise the topic of Kim's drinking. Based on this video, it's clear the woman needs help. But does she agree? Get a sneak peek now:

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I think its horrible that ppl are assuming that what kyle says is true. It was obvious that kyle was watching kim being approached by adrienne and ken and kim looked beautiful and kyle was jealous. Just like she would watch camille. Even if Kim has a drinking problem which i'm not convinced of she is a happy drunk that u can't even tell she is drunk. NO ONE ever said anything about kim being a drunk before kyle claimed she was an acoholic. Taylor was throwing 'we' around as if everyone had discussed kim behind her back and found her guilty and that is why kim reacted the way she did. To continue to bash kim for ur business is disgusting. Kim is a sweet and lovely person who has a jealous catty bully of a sister. I would love to be in beverly hills w/ kim. Let taylor or kyle try and bully her then. thanks


Kim's alleged drinking should not be fodder for public discussion. Her sister cruelly put it out there. Kyle denigrated and bullied her sister and "never had her back." To sit there and allow Taylor to be so rude to her sister on National TV was almost to much to bear. She will have to do a lot to redeem herself. Kim may or may not have an issue but she never brought it up and I can't imagine she's happy about this. Her children have "cool" Aunt Kyle to thank for this. She's the one who needs the help. After having watched Kyle, it is not hard to believe why the tension arose with Camille. The latter is the unfortunate victim of Taylor's meddling and grasping for her social climbing ends. A peace had been made but Taylor had to go Tattle ... of course leaving her own involvement out. Adrienne, Camille, Lisa and Kim demonstrate the most class and interest me the most! I hope they get rid of TraylorTrash...Vile Kyle we may be stuck with.


I think Taylor is the worst of the bunch. She's trashy, a snake and a gold digger. Her husband is very cold with a lot to hide. Instead of outing Kim I think they should expose Taylor. Everything about her is fake! Kim deserves nothing of what they are throwing at her. She's the only "real" person of them all.


Kyle did this on purpose. She single handedly squelched her sisters attempt for more visibility. KIM has the talent Kyle. Funny Kyle says she and Kim are in a good place...I want to hear that from Kim Kyle just needs the good PR. Kyle is awful, worse then Taylor the snake. BTW totally agree Camille has redeemed herself and I soooo believe Kyle was prying and a little jealous Camille was getting filmed in Hawaii.


WHy are the pictures different now? Earlier today.. there was a pic of someone else and now there's this dude?.. weiiiird.


There's a clip showing Taylor and Kyle drinking and partying and Taylor is falling down drunk. Hypocrites. I've heard rumors that Kyle has always liked her drinks, too. Lisa V. was an early favorite but she got infected with Kylitis and became a bully and ugly creep in her own right. The whole setup with Martin and Kim was a snide inside joke, Kim was treated with ridicule, like some crazy charity case. Lisa enjoyed publicly embarassing Kim about it. She was Kyle's b*tch, so to speak. What a bunch! Strangely, despite her early ridiculous statements and film clips, in social situations Camille was generally low key and gracious, and never participated in the bullying or ridicule, and did not join the "blame Kim" game. After watching her apologize and express regret for her stupid remarks these past few weeks, I don't think she's the most hated housewife at all.


So glad to see that other people are onto Kyle as well. It has been so evident that Kyle is jealous of Kim because of her success. Can't help but wonder if the whole family forced her to keep working as a child/teen so they could live off of her success. I hope Kim gets some therapy so she can understand what happened and that she can revive her career. Her family doesn't appear to be her friend. I would love to hear the whole story about what happened. Kim, write a tell-all, I'll buy it!


How much pull does Kyle have with the producers of the show? Since she was the first to sign on and decide the rest of the cast. Are the producers of this show whoring to their money lenders again ?!!! Look how that MAFIA bunch ganged up on Danielle in the Jersey Housewives. So sad how TV panders to it's investors.


None of those women are kind or being a friend to Kim. Not even her sister. Aside from Adrienne they come across as really pathetic, lousy, narcissistic women who Kim does not need in her life especially if she has a problem. She needs patient, supportive people.


i wish they would have focused more on how kim's side of the story turned out to be correct on almost every front when kim and taylor both said she was wrong about how events occurred. i wish they would have shown kim and taylor responding to this. when i watched the show i figured it would all come out. i hope kim does get help, she's so sweet! its no surprise she has these issues considering where she comes from as a child star. i am rooting for you, kim.