PTC on MTV's Skins: Worst Show Ever!

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The Parents Television Council should strongly consider closing up shop.

Just as telling kids they can't do something only makes them more intrigued, calling Skins "the most dangerous show for teens" is only going to drive up ratings!

Nonetheless, MTV's new show is under fire from the PTC, thanks to this very trailer depicting "high school characters engaging in drug use and casual sex" ...

"Despite the MA-rating for Skins, MTV appears to be deliberately targeting teens with its marketing campaign," PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement.

"The marketing campaign itself makes light of lying to parents and participating in all manner of harmful, irresponsible, illegal and adult-themed behavior."

"Skins may well be the most dangerous show for children we have ever seen."

And with that, MTV just guaranteed another huge, Jersey Shore-style hit.


I'm from America and have to agree with everyone's statements on here. It's unfortunate to see how far this country has gone down the toilet. I didn't even have to see the trailer to know that this would be yet ANOTHER addition to the annals of smut TV that this channel has been putting out.
I too, like HARD4COOKIES, hope that 2012 brings in a whole new direction for humanity. Mankind and society needs a much-overdue makeover.


Wtf!!!seriously everyone in MTV just need to get real jobs not crap like wonder mostly all the teenagers in America are so fucked up(but not including me)i thought MTV stood for Music TeleVision!


Yep... I did invert a 'M'. Oops


wow..this show is the exact reason why America is so hated by the rest of the world. These stupid little brats can destroy their lives and act so ungrateful, when children in Afghanistan spend their whole lives in prison because their mother tried to run away from an abusive husband when that child was a baby!I hope that the world ends in 2012 because this madness needs to stop!!!


teen mom is what added to the epidemic of teen pregnancies because there were reports that girls were trying to get pregnant just so they could get on the show and become famous....I am scared for what happens when little kids think this show is cool and try to imitate it to get famous. This trailer is absolutely
STUPID and HUMILIATING to the AMERICA. the apocalypse must be near.


I just watched about 30secs of this.. and I already find it disgusting.
FUCK. It's not wonder the world is SO messed up. Good God.


I would think (IMHO) that most MTV viewers (today) don't even know that MTV was once an acronym for Music TeleVision. Just like evolution, times have changed... today it seems to be an acronym for Moralless TeleVision. I would also guess that most of it's viewers are now Googling the words 'woralless' and 'acronym' . 8-)


This show looks like nothing but trash, and how old are these kids anyway?

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