PTC Demands Federal Investigation of MTV, Skins

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MTV's new sex-obsessed, drug-heavy show Skins is not popular with the PTC.

But the Parents Television Council is doing more than firing off a press release this time. They're calling for a federal investigation into child porn violations.

The PTC wants the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees to investigate Skins' underage stars in graphic sex scenes.

Skins LOGO

The group says besides sexual content involving stars as young as 15, there were 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol in the Skins premiere.

"It is clear that Viacom has knowingly produced material that may well be in violation of [several anti-child pornography laws]," the PTC said in the letter.

The real issue? The show is basically a carbon copy of the British version and sort of eats it. But think it crosses the line? Watch the trailer and judge:

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Ya know I would have to agree with the PTC.Skins should be looked at seriously because all the show seems to be about it teen sex and whom wants to see that kind of soft porn on their television.If Mtv dares to pick up this show & air it,I think it'll be the worst mistake ever because I could certainly see a lot of lawsuits happening


Shameless. The kids are going to love it. oh yeah, and it's totally child porn. This is going to be big


I agree Kevin- the kids i knew who acted like this grew up to be losers. Many I see pushing a strollers in Target, one was bagging groceries, one died when he wandered out in traffic high on shrooms, and I know of atleast 2 who OD'd on heroin. In Skins first episode, a girl ODs on a "truckload" of pills, but the she wakes up. No one wakes up after a real OD. They die.


Gosh...the trailer boring and pretencious besides everyone is ugly they should have stuck with the original characters or create another show at all u.u


omg is there now an american version of skins i wrecken that the american one going to be crap,, i mean the trailer looks shit.. Uk ones better :L


So kids everywhere are having wild orgies these days?? Damn, where was all of this when I was a kid! PS - Just another Euro-garbage import show. Can we please get some shows that are made in the USA!


Come on AMERICA!! We are now in Season 5 of Skins in the UK, teens and young adults like me love this show. It makes people face up to what is happening out there and deals and resolves issues. I bet the UK version is a lot more raunchy and there has been no mass drug taking parties, sexual outrage bought on by it. I think after 4 years of the show any "issues" would have been highlighted by the press. How about this PTC lets kids make decisions for themselves. If someone is going to party in excess they would do it with or without Skins.


Wow, you know what. I am 26, I actually enjoyed the first episode of the show. The only reason the PTC is going after this is because they are afraid of reality. Look, kids are doing this stuff. No not EVERY kid is doing it, because I didn't, but I knew tons of people who were at that age. I fear for my little cousins and personally this is a bit of an education for the adult population. The show is already rated TV-MA. Isn't that enough. Stop telling me as a 26 year old what I should be able to watch and not watch, and go monitor your children. If you are so worried about what they watch, maybe turn off the TV....


I expected more excitement in the show. But its just plain stupid!


I hate this show. Teens, younger teens especially, are going to copy the show. I would rather have MTV play Beavis & Butt-head for an hour instead of shitty 'Skins'