Producer Teases Newer, Edgier Britney Spears

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Britney Spears' new single, "Hold It Against Me," has already made music history by making her the second artist ever to have two songs debut at #1.

What does the rest of her new album have in store?

"It's way more edgy than the last album," says Claude Kelley, who composed several tracks for the as-yet-untitled album, referring to Circus.

Worse For the Wear

HARDER: Britney Spears is gonna get gritty.

He adds that Spears is returning to the tougher, grittier sounds of 2007's Blackout. "[It's] more in the vein of the album before [Circus]," he says.

"The last album [Circus] was more clean pop. [Its purpose] was to reintroduce Britney to the world as the pop princess ... this is much edgier."

Basically, get ready for some club-worthy tracks.

"Dr. Luke and Max Martin are running the show, and it's all about the beats. It has a heavier bass line and it's harder, more urgent, more club."

For an idea of what her new stuff might sound like, follow the jump to listen to the just-released "Hold It Against Me" and a track from Blackout ...


I was fan of brit and i used to love wat she did 10 years ago. Her old songs was amazing and her dance was hot and i used love britney live frm las vegas is awesome. And 10 years later and wat happening to her. Im very disappoint and she is mother to her kids. She need focus kids FIRST!. . . THEN 2ND CARRER.


I use to love brit. She has ruined that due to her stupidity irresponsibility n craziness. And im sorry brit but its over let it be . No one is going to forgive these last couple of yrs n the dumb shit u have down n those yrs. Focus on ur kids which r suppose to be a proirity n ur life but apperently r far from it. I hate wat n who u have become.


Yeah brit! Can't wait! Free Britney!


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