Presenting: The World's Most Troubled Twilight Saga Fan

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Might this girl actually NOT be the most obsessed Twilight Saga fan on the planet?!?

Cathy Ward, a 49-year old supermarket worker from England, gave an interview to Great Britian's The Daily Mail this week in which she posed for the following, legitimately troubling photo:

Says Ward:

"I love Robert Pattinson. I want to tone up so I can get his character Edward Cullen on my stomach. The way I look at it I could be spending the money on going out drinking and eating, but instead I'm spending it on something I am really passionate about.

"I have got a cross trainer, rowing machine and hand weights and I work out in my spare room which has got Twilight pictures all over the walls. I watch the films or listen to the soundtracks as I exercise. It has worked miracles. I have never been more positive, more outgoing, fit and never had so much fun in my life."

Hey, whatever keeps you healthy and happy, lady! We guess.

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Pictures are rarely flattering,but i didnt do this to get publicity.My work colleagues notified the local paper-who then decided to pursue it. The tattoo subject matter is irrelevent --no matter what age i am,at least im not going mountain climbing,bungee jumping,snowboarding etc. This is what i like doing-this is my hobby. If you dont like it- TOUGH, theres going to be plenty more of it in future. No im not nuts, this is how i get my kicks and if it helps me stay slim-so much the better.


OMG! She really needs to find some real life friends because this is sick. Liking or loving a movie is one thing but this crosses into mental illnes. Sounds like a very lonely (and freaky!) person. Get help lady.


Amazing art piece! I really don't like twilight but that tattoo is just beautiful.


Dats really insane 4 someone of ur age... Anyways I like ur craze for him.!! Kip it up granny


This freaks me out, but she's really looks good at 49!


@randyjacksonsbutt- priceless! That was awesome! Your so funny ^_^ ya this is a bit freaky. Covering her walls w/ pictures, what is she 14!? If your worried about wasting your money why don't you use it to help others!?!? Ever hear of donating???


Oh hell.....thats insane....Dont get me wrong, love the series and all that jazz...but Wtf...why would you tattoo that on your body....Quotes, one thing....Huge ass pictures is another...she may want to see a doctor....What is she going to do when shes not obsessed with it anymore?


Holy crap!! RU fucking serious!!?? I have seen some stupid shit but this one takes the cake, great job granny!!


DAMN!!!! I thought i was obssessed with it...i own the most stuff of it from my group of friends but dang!!!whats up with her....


I see a butt crack

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