People's Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kim vs. Kourtney!

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Based on her appearance at last night's People Choice Awards, Khloe Kardashian squared off against herself in a Celebrity Hair Affair. That's what happens when you dye your locks red.

But Khloe wasn't the only member of the least talented family on TV to grace the event with her presence.

Kim and Kourtney - who joined their siblings in being named part of the Guiltiest Pleasure on Television - also did what they do best at the ceremony: pose on a red carpet. The former is donning a Malandrino dress, while the latter is seen here sporting a Gert-Johan Coetzee gown.

Both are sticking out their plump chests, but which is doing it best?

Fashion Face-Off!

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are both experts at posing on the red carpet. Which sibling does it best here? View Poll »


kourtney is hotter, kim used to be a few years back but her face looks different now


i hink they both look beautiful there sisters they should all look beautiful including khloe kylie kendall


Both look good to me, I call it a draw.


These ladies are both hot...... Kim looks sophisticated & kourt looks fun & flirty. Love the both looks. However I'm not a big fan of Kim's latest work. I ALWAYS LIKED HER BIG EXPRESSIVE EYES & NOW SHE HAS CAT EYES. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?


I guess this means that Khloe is the designated weight gainer this month.


Why do people want to alway's to make the Kardashian's a competetion? They all look very nice. I'm sorry I could only vote for one.

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