Paparazzi to Joe Jonas: Are You Gay?

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A member of the paparazzi got all up in the face of Joe Jonas last night.

Clearly trying to make a scene, the moronic celebrity gossip reporter asked the singer:

  1. Are you gay?
  2. Is Ashley Greene your beard?

To Joe's credit, he doesn't react like this guy. Not that anyone would have blamed Jonas if he slugged the loser. Watch for yourself:

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Someone needs to get a life! It's amazing the idiotic topics the paparazzri and/or press comes up with when there isn't much going on with a star so they create a lie to get a rise out of that star. It's really a crying shame the lies and problems they cause. Look what they did to Diana, they killed her by harrassing the driver trying to get pics. They are actually nothing more than a menance to society. You can't believe most of what is reported unless it is an interview with the star, but then they know how to edit an interview and twist a story around to fit their ridiculous lies! Joe a gay? The paparazzi that created that lie must be jelous of Joe so lets create a huge lie to make him or herself feel better, they prob can't get a date even with a dead beat.


Who cares if he is? Alot of people including celebs are gay... I mean why is everyone making it such a big deal? Worry about urself


I always thought he was


Who would ask Joe Jonas if he's gay followed by "What's you favorite Disney movie." I don't know who's gay here: if Joe Jonas, or the paparazzi and I don't know if he's really Joe Jonas, anyway.


Hahaha IS gay..