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Drunk Snooki. That's like saying hot Robert Pattinson. Talk about redundant. The first word is practically inherent. We know the girl hits the bottle. Hard.

It's not surprising, then, that the Jersey Shore star (real name Nicole Polizzi) knows the best way to kill that hangover after a long night of boozing.

"Just keep drinking more!" she says.

Snooki Drunk

Who let the troll into the wine cellar? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

After ringing in New Year's inside a ball dropping upon the Jersey Shore stomping grounds of Seaside Heights N.J., Polizzi partied with boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Decked out in diamond bling and a sparkling black dress, Polizzi danced into the wee hours, but rest assured, she is serious about her New Year's Resolution.

"I want to stick to my diet and work with my trainer," she says. "And lose weight."

So no daytime public drunkenness arrests ... well, not on weekdays anyway.

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Are you excited for Water for Elephants?

In the movie, which is based on a best-selling novel and whose preview you can watch HERE, Robert Pattinson stars as a veterinary school student. He falls for a famous circus performer played by Reese Witherspoon.

He also gets cozy with a lucky elephant named Tai, as evidenced below. Check out a trio of stills from the period drama, which hits theaters on April 22 and which ought to be a welcome opportunity for Robert to prove he can do more than brood:

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As we reported recently, Steven Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment, is taking his pursuit of Nadya Suleman to a new level, looking to buy Octomom's house.

The $450,000 note is currently held by Amer Haddadin, who has threatened to kick her ass out for falling behind on mortgage payments every single month.

Hirsch, who has long sought to "begin a relationship with Octomom," i.e. get her to star in porn, is meeting with Haddadin to get "specifics of this situation."

THE NEW LANDLORD? Give Steve credit for persistence at least.

Hirsch has made numerous job offers to Octomom in the past and she's turned them all down, saying she will not demean herself with adult film making.

We're not totally sure what Steve has in mind here, but can say with a reasonable degree of certainty he wants to own the home to gain some leverage.

Hey, Nadya. Don't worry about the mortgage this month ... it's on me, as long as you show off the girls, and I'm not talking about your daughters.

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The following news doesn't exactly come as a surprise: David Arquette has checked into a rehab facility.

The actor, who separated from Courteney Cox in October and proceeded to have a public meltdown that included a lot of drinking and phone calls to Howard Stern, is "dealing with a broken heart," a source says.

"He is in there for drinking and depression, not hard drugs. Rehab was inevitable," an insider tells People. "He can't handle all the changes in his life. All his inner demons came out."

In one of his numerous calls to the aforementioned radio host, Arquette admitted to turning into "a maniac" when he drank.

It's unknown where he's receiving treatment or for how long, but Cox says "I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life. I love and support him."

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The rumors have become a frightening reality.

While hosting a New Year's Eve bash in Las Vegas on Friday night, Kim Kardashian debuted her first-ever single, telling the crowd: "I did this song with The Dream, and it's really fun. I hope you guys like it!"

The tune is titled "Turn It Up," Kim will collaborate with Kanye West on the official music video and you can listen to her miss every note on it below: What do you think?

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If you were lacking for inspiration as you begin this year of new beginnings, look no further than the reformed, 2011 version of Lindsay Lohan.

Quoting Gandhi, the troubled star posted this stirring Tweet last night, just 48 hours before she's expected to leave the Betty Ford Center at last.

One step at a time, indeed ...

Lohan TweetWhat do you think? Can Lindsay stay clean?


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If there were ever any doubts that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz were back on, they have been silenced by photos of them hopping a plane Saturday.

The long-rumored couple stopped for lunch at Jerry's Deli before boarding a flight at LAX, having been loving it up on a Mexican holiday just last week.

Talk about a home run for the Yankees slugger ...

  • Cameron and Rod
  • A Rod and C Diaz

ROIDRIGUIAZ: Hot, hung over couple, no? [Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Alright, stop ... collaborate and listen. Favre is back with a brand new invention. Something grabs a hold of him tightly ... unfortunately, it's not Jenn Sterger.

Last year was not a great one for Brett Favre. Dude blew a shot at the Super Bowl with a costly interception, then retired, unretired and had a bad season.

The end of his consecutive starts streak and the whole Jenn Sterger sexting scandal topped it off. Oh, and he has small junk, making things even sadder.

But that through it all, he's still in good spirits. If anyone can benefit from a little Vanilla Ice-inspired dancing, it's him. Here's Brett doing "Ice Ice Baby" ...

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ABC did not have a monopoly on New Year's Eve performances.

While Ke$ha and company rocked out on that network special, Nicki Minaj appeared on BET’s 106 & Party and got a little help from Drake in order to ring in 2011. At the Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, meanwhile, we were treated to a husband and wife duet.

Below, watch Minaj in action, along with Jay Z and Beyonce keeping things cool with a version of "Forever Young."

Continue Reading...

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Chuck Berry gave a major scare to concert-goers in Chicago last night.

About one hour into his performance at the Congress Theater, the rock legend slumped over his keyboard and then fell to the stage. He did not move for several minutes, according to The Chicago Sun-Tribune.

An ambulance was called to scene, as EMTs gave the 84-year old a check-up. However, Berry refused significant treatment and actually returned to the stage after 20 minutes.

He tuned up his guitar and attempted a song before telling the audience he had no strength.

The Johnny B. Goode crooner had played to New Year's Eve shows on Friday night before flying into Chicago to perform yesterday. Let's hope this incident does not result in any serious condition.

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