Oprah "Taking It Slow" with Shocking New Relative

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Oprah Winfrey is not exactly known for quiet or subtle gesture.

But the talk show host says she and half-sister Patricia are taking their relationship "slow," having only been in each other's lives for two months.

"I think it's about building a relationship one conversation – one experience – at a time," Oprah told her BFF on yesterday's episode of The Gayle King Show.

Winfrey and Patricia have a mother in common, of course, Vernita Lee. She's not well, and that has given the newly united sisters a cause to focus on together.

"Everybody who's dealing with an ailing parent understands that process of getting care for them. And we're speaking regularly about that," said Oprah.

Overall, Winfrey - who referred to Patricia tracking her down as "the miracle of miracles" - concludes that the addition of a half-sister is nothing short of a blessing.

"She coming into the family at this time has been a great peace offering, a great symbol of peace-making in this family. I would say I see her as a gift."


All these years Oprah has been a national treasure to so many people. She will be celebrating her 57th birthday on the 29th. To be blessed with a sister like Patricia is the ultimate gift!!


So happy that Oprah found a sister I am so happy for her.

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