Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson Beat Me During Sex

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We'll call out Mel Gibson's anger issues and criticize him for derogatory words about Jews and women, but words don't mean he actually hit anyone.

The claims by Oksana Grigorieva to that effect keep getting more and more absurd, too, rapidly diminishing whatever credibility she once enjoyed.

Milking Him

Her latest? An explosive allegation under oath that she never before made - that Mel Gibson beat her during sex, and needed to hit her to ... well ...

SHADY CHARACTERS: Troubled as Mel is, his ex may be lying up a storm.

During Oksana's deposition in her custody war with Mel, she testified that Mel had issues "performing" and the way he got aroused was to beat her.

The claim is as odd as it is shocking, since we're told Oksana never uttered a word about such violence in her multiple interviews with authorities.

Oksana claimed that Mel struck her on January 6, but there is no other allegation of physical violence in the court file or with law enforcement.

Allow us to call BS on Oksana.


There's no proof THAT SHE'S LYING about this. How do we know it's a lie? It's pretty embarrassing and personal to talk about something like this. Maybe that's why she never spoke out about it. There are people that have been raped or molested and never ever tell anyone their whole lives. And there are sick demented men out there who cannot get it up unless it's violent sex. Why do you think so many rapes occur each day?


Nobody believes Grigorieva any more. They found out the photos were doctored, and the tapes were doctored too. She doesn't deserve to have custody of Lucia.


Thank you Hollywood Gossip for calling out Oksana. I'm sick of people praising her for being so spiteful and courting the press. She should have kept all her accusations in court where it belonged. And this latest "new" information should have never found its way to the public domain. It takes a real low life to put this out into the world. I'm talking raw sewage.


Octomo? LMFAO that's a good one!


Yet another attention whore that wants to make money....


she looks like the octo mom lmao


Oh come on, BDSM is not uncommon but there is a stigma around it. It makes a lot of sense given the way violence and physical pain were emphasized in his Christ movie. The reason she wouldn't have mentioned it before is because it was probably consensual BDSM sex and she might have been ashamed. If it was consensual there would be no reason to mention it to the police at the time of the other incidents. This witch hunt is ridiculous; the only people who know the truth are Mel and Oksana.


hungry money b...ch feel sorry for MEL.


Big bullshit...we know whot she want !!!!money ..cheap actors..she dyrecte all this .


Yeah yeah yeah some more bullshit that I don't believe!
Shut your fucking pie hole you whore. Find another rich guy, pop out a kid and make some accusations to get money. You know you can't do this forever right? Get a job!

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