Nicki Minaj and Drake: The New Year's Hookup

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Nicki Minaj and Drake got hot and heavy over New Year's. Not too surprising, since they're married, after all. Just kidding ... probably.

After separate New Year's Eve performances in Miami, the couple reportedly met up during the after hours for some hot, heavy cuddling.

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According to reports, Drake bolted to meet up with Nicki promptly after leaving his party so that they could have some alone time together.

DRICKI: An eyewitness saw them leaving together after partying until 4 am.

"Right after the clock struck midnight, Drake left his party at the W South Beach and dashed over to Nicki's Moet & Chandon-sponsored bash at Mansion."

"[They] were dancing and cuddling all night."

Commence wedding rumors, round two! These two are SO into each other. As far as the Nicki Minaj sex tape rumors? Those we cannot vouch for.


I think they shouldnt get married cuz nicki is to fast rihanna know dat she jelous i luv yhu nicki but no wrong guy


well i think nicki and drake make a great couple and i wish them the best im happy for them and i did not know rihanna was friend's with nicki but im sure rihanna is happy for nicki i like nicki minaj's music and drake is a cool actor and a cool person so i wish them both well in there relationship .


go head nicki thts oh kay iff yuhh like him!!! dont wrry wht about they say!!!!!


Well if Nicki qoes out with him tht's hurr!! ohh'kay yall mite say he uqly but thts hurr if she likes him real talk!!!! yall aint hurr momma sooo dere for she can date him!!! that (pic) is cutte i thinkk dey wud make a cutte couple!! l0l .. =D


Well if you care so much that its none1s bussiness...then why are you here if you dont care about "celebrity bussiness"...and fyi:i DID get my facts straight...


First of all lets get our info right please!! And if she is going out with him its none of you BUSSINESS!!!!!


I cant believe shes going out with him....i thought rihanna was her friend...backstabber....well but like i always say...WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT,WHO NEEDS ENEMIES!

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