New Justin Bieber Movie Clip: The Best Thing Ever!

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This is the best thing that's happened in my life!

So cries a girl in the video below, which is the second clip we've uncovered from Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber biopic scheduled for a February 11 release.

Previously, we showed fans shot of a young Justin banging away on the drums. Now, he's all grown up and putting on concerts that draw thousands or screaming fans. It's the fortunate job of one man to make the seating dreams of these fans come true. See what we mean below:


U Hallarie, u should know that justin is a good singer and he is a really good and nice guy, and the things that he does in that video above is a really nice thing to do, I mean he makes his fans smile and when U smile I Smile ... U can be that things u wrote in your comment. If u are a hater why do u spend time to write a comment about Someone u really dont like? I don't unerrtand ! ¿¿
gypsy sandra swe


Hi,every one justin bieber is a good guy sex boy i love him so much


Eeww...he sounds like a 13 yr. Old girl


Justin is a faggot ! When he sings it reminds me of the chipmunks singing. ANNOYING AS HELL ! ! !


I love justy and nice video


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