New Jennifer Hudson Single Released: Listen Now!

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For the first single off her upcoming album, Jennifer Hudson butchers the English language.

But does "Where You At" make up for the grammatical mistake in its title by satisfying one's craving for a beautiful ballad? Listen now and decide for yourself:

“This song to me is like what I always wanted to do vocally. As an aspiring writer, just the subject of it means so much to me. It’s simple and it’s something we say every day,” Hudson says.

Written by R. Kelly and produced by Harvey Mason Jr., the tune will be included on "I Remember Me," which hits stores on March 22. What do you think of it?


Simply The Voice...


Jennifer Hudson is Incredible as a vocalist. The song title is fun, and a expression words feeling free. On a real tip for all the HATERS Jhud graduated from school with honors. She knows exactly how she said it, and how it is suppose to be said. I love the song and I love the title. Jhud is a clas act, and I love her warm spirit. WELCOME BACK BABYGIRL KEEP ON DOING THE DAM THING!!! AMAZINGLY TALENTED. ONE OF THE BEST FEMALE VOCALIST OF OUR TIME.


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