NeNe Leakes to Viewers: Sorry!

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NeNe Leakes got into it with Kim Zolciak on this week's edition of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. How did the reality star feel when she watched the screaming match play out on TV?

"It's an embarrassing thing to see as a mother and as an adult," Leakes told TV Guide this week. "I apologize to my viewers and fans, and to my children and family and friends who love and care about me... I apologize to them for them having to see me stoop to such a trashy level. When you fool with trash, it can get all over you."

NeNe Leakes on Ellen

Man, imagine how badly NeNe would feel if the fight was actually real?

Likely seeing all the attention Camille Grammer has received for threatening to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Leakes told the magazine she is "just not interested in doing a fourth season" right now:

"I don't know if I would change my mind later. With everything going on in my life, I can't work with a bunch of women who are non-supportive. I can't work with a bunch of women who don't support one another. I just can't work like that anymore. For my own sanity."

Would you miss NeNe if she exited the show?


Is Nene a man? I'm sure I saw an adam apple. She's such a bully. She only get up in Kim face. If Kim pop her one she will calm down and start acting like a lady with class. She needs to take some classes on how to be a lady....Can we say ghetto ......


Nene is a bitch. When she meets another woman, she can't go five minutes without some hateful put down. She talks trash to everyone but freaks if someone points out one of her own flaws. I'm surprised she can look in the mirror without bitching to herself.


ne ne is awful awful awful go away


why is nene so angry, every thingh she does involve in fights.Black women came a far way to promate themselves, but nene talks bad about everyone, sheshould look at the diamatic in her family home Her son got arrested went to jail yet she she had the nerves to talk about phearda husband's,also the hair piece on kims. Nene too wear a hair a hair pieace.Please please get some educate black women to be on the show.Look at the fights she got into celebrate apprence.Shame on her, she needs Dr Phil as we speak.

Avatar too out of control...I would hope to never let my jealousy shine the way she does, she hates anyone who makes her stare at her reflection of not measuring up. Kandi was on the receiving end last season, and lets face it she keeps going after kim,cause she thinks she can (shes not a sista),match her up with Tami on Basketball wives and see how fast that anger is controlled.


I hated that NeeNee went to far on some of the footage but Kim needed it. She treats everyone poorly because she thinks she can. She back stab Kandi then pretend to be her friend. She talks about everybody but worst of all she really have no respect for women. Notice how she talk right or sensibly to a man but the first thing that come out of her mouth to a woman is put downs. NeeNee I feel you but dont leave the show wow us once again please. Whats happening without NeeNee NOTHING because NeeNee is the show.


NeNe you look really bad this last season, you said you didn't know if you wanted to return for another season! You should not come back you just look so bad! There need to be more educated black female on the show that I know live in Atlanta Georgia. The new female they replace NeNe with nice and have great things to say about her co-workers. Please do not bring NeNe back.


NeNe is the SHOW!! Its that simple and ppl this is a show(it not real but Kim need her butt kick). Please get kim off the show and put Monica on the show!!!


Nene Leakes......calling another black woman a slave????? How apalling...she made Sweetie feel terrible. If Nene had something to say to Kim about how she was treating Sweetie, then Nene should have had the deceny to speak to Kim privately about such a sensitive subject. Nene Leakes acted like an out of control, jealous, classless fool. Nene Leakes acted like a thug, plain and simple. Like another poster stated, I bet she wouldn't dare put her hands on Kandi, Sheree or any other woman on the show.
Nene Leakes...I am ashamed of you and you should be ashamed of yourself.


look nene is that show no one will speak up to kim they only kiss her ass and you could be your child roll model not a show thats the problem today everyone want to pawn off there children on actress and actor my mother is my model not tv people and kim is a user and thats that i love nene and hope she doesn't quite the show will be nothing without her and peopleare who they are get over it the show wants drama and she is not prejudice to kim are jealous of her nene can really sing and she is right about kim singing we all know that so be real not deaf.

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