More Jesse James Nazi Pics: Revealed!

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Michelle McGee says Jesse James is awkward and average in bed.

When it comes to Nazi pics, though, dude is pretty much peerless.

You may recall that last year, right around the time his affair with McGee was outed and his marriage to Sandra Bullock unraveled, a Jesse James Nazi photo made the Internet rounds. Well, it turns out that wasn't a one-shot deal ...

More Jesse James Nazi Shots

For Sandra Bullock, it's been one thing after another ...

The original photo of Jesse dressed in a Nazi hat giving a "Heil, Hitler" salute sparked outcry, but James denied anti-Semitism and called it a bad, private joke.

We'll see what he has to say about the new, strange and disturbing images involving James, posted on Facebook by ex-employees of West Coast Choppers.

In one pic, James grins in the car with a pal who gives the "sieg heil" salute. Another features a children's book character, Flat Stanley, dressed as Adolf Hitler.

"He's into history," an insider explains of the undated pics noting that James isn't a Neo-Nazi. "The swastika deal is to scare people. It's part of biker culture."

You have to be a classless anti-Semite to be cool? Good to know. So enlightening. Between this and his engagement to Kat Von D, no wonder Sandy's reeling ...


I had more respect for Sandy, but she too is just a whore like all the rest. These same people are suppose to be role models for our children. Not anymore. These people are just dressed up spoiled tramps that can act.


I hate this bitch more than any other fucking star.Fucking whore adopts a little negro.You fucking cunt why didnt you adopt a white child you race traiting whore.I hope that he is killed and preferrably you with him.CUNT


There's 2 options here; the guy's either a neo-Nazi pig, or he's so ignorant he doesn't understand these symbols/gestures. Either way it's unacceptable and I'm done with Kat Von D, who is clearly okay with all of this.


Jessie James. . . loser. Don't blame his Nazi pics and friends on motorcycle clubs because each club represents their own thing. The guy's an ass. Keep moving on Sandra. He's making money and fame with this publicity so how about we all just "SAY NO TO JESSIE JAMES" and quit making him more important than the nobody he is.


@survivor, it's the key between I and P. It's called the letter "O". Zero isn't a letter, ok? Thanks.


I am so glad that Sandra Bullock got away from Jesse. Jesse and Kat deserve each other....Let's see how long that one lasts, What a Joke!!! They are both cheaters.....


I dont feel sorry 0ne bit for sandra bullock. She got w him kn0wing his biker and bad boy hist0ry. Im sure they had many discussions 0n their likes and dislikes. Im sure if he were so ANTI JEW and PR0 HITLER that he would 0f hinted that to her at least 0nce 0ver the c0urse 0f their relati0nshp. Shes never really came 0ut against him and his views. Im sure there are many illicit and controversal things in sandras past that w0uld sh0ck us all. N0 0ne is perfect. Hes apologized for his indiscreti0ns and for the ph0t0s. What m0re d0es the media and Sandra want fr0m ths man?! BL0OD??! GET 0VER IT ALREADY!


It's hard for me to believe that Sandra didn't know about his love for Nazi's lol


This is a slap in the face to every man and woman that risked everything to fight the Nazis in WWII. If this idiot likes Hitler so much how about he move somewhere else other than the United States. PS - I would like to see Jesse James talk "history" with an actual WWII vet and maybe he will learn something.

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