Molly DeWolf Swensen: From the White House to Your House!

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She's 22. She's a Harvard graduate. She works in the White House. She loves our president, but NOT in a Monica Lewinsky-type way, she's quick to point out.

Oh, and Molly DeWolf Swensen is absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful voice. Should we just crown her as the next American Idol already?

We kid, but it's difficult not to have been impressed with Swensen even before she offered up a version of "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" that was as pitch perfect as any contestant in Milwaukee last night. Listen for yourself.


She looks she?




Ya from white house to hollywood to vegas (redlight district) lol...kidding. By the way, the Harvard degree is in Social Science hehehe...not "Rocket Science" Man, it is a smart idea though. Learn your ABCs at Harvard and go around saying you went to "Harvard". Great marketing...she will go far in the country of marketing - AMERICA LoL.., where image is everything, and substance is nothing!


I love this girl! She is a brilliant and talented.. she is going far in life hope she wins!!!


Liked her voice alot.she is simply the 'it' girl.By the way I'm syrian my friends and I like her alot...


Watched in the UK. Best female audition EVER any series.


Wow - I can't believe she got punched in the face! Crazy good voice though. I'm now following her Twitter @mollydewolf - Go Molly!

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