Miley Cyrus Bong: For Sale!

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A Miley Cyrus CD? $15.

Miley Cyrus concert tickets? $50.

The bong from which Miley Cyrus smoked salvia and created an Internet firestorm? Priceless. Maybe.

According to TMZ, the guy who owns the pipe that got this singer into trouble has decided to sell the item.

Believing he can get close to "five figures" for the drug paraphernalia, the owner has set up a Gmail account (mileycyrusbong) and is entertaining offers as we type. This forces us to ask: How much would you pay for Miley's bong?


Okay, I've been a fan since first episode, and I always will be, but I don't exactly agree with her choices. Yes, she's 18, her parents are divorcing, and it's not illegal, but I don't think there are excuses for smoking a bong containing Salvia, which is just a stairstep drug to more things. Miley's talented, and she's had a great career already and will hopefully continue to have one, just as long as she doesn't make too many bad choices. (:


i think that miley is amazing and that the news and everyone should just hop off. i love her. she is just a teenage who is trying to grow up and have fun at the same time. with all of these people stalking her ass. and everything that she is busy with. i will never hate her.


Miley is a joke


Interesting how her friends tell her she should do it again.Miley get real friends next time.


I Love miley cyrus with everything i got. She sooo important to me and i dnt care wut she does. Yeah she has done crazy things bt doesnt mean ppl should judge her,like u havent done anything crazy. Shes growing up and i swear i will love miley forever! She is the other half of my heart,she changed my life completely...she made me realize who i am....luv u miley keep people u dont care and do wutever fullfills ur day:)


Hahahahaaaahhaahahaa I wanna bongg!


That girl is gone mad. She said once that she would never turn out like Britney or Lindsay. Welllll she said cause her family woul always be there for her. Yet her parents got divorced. Its just normal for a 18 year old in the spotlight to mess up. I mean weve all messed up to some degree. If I walked down the street smokin a bong you would care less. But since Miley has this thing thats shes in the spotlight if she sneezes its all over the net. Cmon give this young lady a break. Shes human too. When you learn to accept her for hannah montana she might just turn out ok!!!


@blaize, i totally agree with you. I'll never touch any illegal drug, or smoke anything illegal or not! I feel really ashamed of miley. She could of said no to the idiot who offered her it!


@milly: Drug use is stupid no matter how old you are- her age has nothing to do with it. Nicole Richie was doing illegal drugs at 13 and by the time she was 17 she was in to heroine.


miley awesome no matter what. she did that for fun. and since u got it from her friend i dont think it cost u anything


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