Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas to Record Joint Album?!?

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Their romantic relationship might be a thing of the past, but Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are reportedly hooking up again in the future.

Professionally speaking, that is.

Music producer Shakur Green took to his Twitter on Thursday and teased fans with the following: returning to the studio w/ Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas on 1/14. can't release additional information about the project... it's going to be one of the top albums of 2011.

That implies this will be more than a one-time duet, doesn't it? Get a preview of what a Niley CD might sound like via the following rendition the two performed of "Before the Storm" together in 2009.




That would be epic! these 2 are some of my fave musicians, and they seriously have great chemistry when singin/performing together. I would LOVE if they made a complete album together! but thats extremely unlikely sadly :( But Miley will probably be on one of the tracks on JB's latest album. afterall she is taking a music break so i doubt shes creating her own album this year.


woohooo! i can't wait to listen to their new songs! Before The Storm was super! i love them together so much and i love their voices they look perfect together!!! i m so happy about this


They should just do a sex tape and leave the singing to pros.


Why!!! Like seriously a whole album I don't think so please don't do it before the storm is just fine. Miley is ok but nick is amazing! I love nick jonas!


I think it will be great for both of them! They both sound great together. So excited! (:


I'm kind of tired of hearing about these two being together. It's obvious that this is false about them making a joint album. Now, they might make another song...but an entire album? I really don't think I would buy it. What would their songs be about? Them back in "Niley" era? I don't think so.


and i care about miley becuzzz? I like nick by himself not with miley. I like before the storm but mostly cuz the theatrical mood and composition...i dont like miley's voice and hers is auto tuned nick's not sure about this mash up...well just wait and see...yikes.


Haha. You said, "joint". I get it.


I messed up on the other comment..i meant that since they havent been heard in a while itll will be good for both of them:)

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