Michelle Obama State Dinner Gown: Hit or Miss?

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The Alexander McQueen dress Michelle Obama wore to the White House State Dinner for the Republic of China marked another fashion risk for the First Lady.

But was it one that hit or missed?

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Dressed in a red petal print silk organza gown, Michelle was both fashionably bold and diplomatic, as the brilliant red is a symbol of luck in Chinese culture:

Despite a visiting Chinese President and an A-list guest list, all eyes were on the First Lady, whose impact on the global fashion industry has been unrivaled.

What do you think of Mrs. O's latest effort? Take a look at one of many Michelle Obama pictures from last night's event and vote in our poll below ...

What do you think of Michelle's State Dinner gown?

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Are you kidding? She looked regal. Fantastic! Our present Jackie O.


It would have looked so much better if it just had a little less fabric. See how it folds on the sides and puffs out? Also the sleeves should have been kept one way or another. They both should have been sleeveless, personally, because the cross shoulder strap looks wrong for this design, I think. It was not her best look. If the designer softened the palette just a bit, it would be perfect.


Mrs Obama looks graceful and classy, as a First Lady should look.
All these people who have nothing but smut to spew over our First Lady, should go get a life and join the Republicans if you are not already one. We are not interested in your opinions!


You know people can't never say anything nice about anyone today,people should dress the way they want to and those who don't like it get a life. She has class ...a lot of it.


I will Not comment on Mrs. Obama's dress,but I am looking forward to "The Year of the Cat" which represents The Chinese New Year will begin during the first week of February 2011!!


Is this really a POLITICAL issue? Or a distraction from the real issues?


Well of course she got a miss, she is not a liberal :)


Funny on MSN yesterday hit or miss for the First Ladies. Laura Bush got a miss for wearing red to an official state dinner.