Michelle Obama on Oprah: First Look!

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Oprah's half-sister made major headlines this week, but today, the host sheds light on a family secret of a different sort. One that often goes unrecognized.

First Lady Michelle Obama visits the Oprah Winfrey Show today along with Tom Brokaw and Bob Woodward. The topic? The Bravest Families in America.

Oprah, Michelle and the famed journalists have joined forces to shed light on the sacrifice military families make when their loved ones go into battle.

Asked what moves her about our armed services, Michelle said, "Their strength. Their pride. Their courage. Their willingness to sacrifice without complaint."

"That's what moves me every time. Whenever I'm feeling bad, or feeling sorry for myself, I suck it up because of these families."

As for why Michelle is speaking up, she says it's because someone has to.

"Part of the challenge of getting the message out about military families is they never ask for help," she said. "They never ask for help because you just don't do that when you're in the military. You get it done."

"That's how you're trained. That's what you're taught."

Certainly a worthy topic. Our men and women in uniform can't be thanked enough. Here are a few Oprah and Michelle Obama photos from the set ...


That is amswoee. Technology has definitely come a long way. When my dad was in Korea and we were in Alabama, the most tech savvy thing they could do was have my mom send audio tapes of her and me talking.


I am a Blue Star mom and have been started a wounded Warriors Destin FL Beach retreat.This year I need help with the BP oil spill The business can not domate


Opra, I have your show on about the military. I have a daughter and her son (20 yrs old) my grandson in Afganistan. My son in law is full time National Guard and is home with their other son 16. My husband is retired from military What a great Show we are a different breed. Thanks so much for this show!!!

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