First Lady Fashion Faux Pas? Designer Criticizes Michelle Obama State Dinner Dress

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Michelle Obama's State Dinner dress won raves from many style scribes last week, but one prominent designer isn't a fan of it - specifically its origins.

Oscar de la Renta has taken the First Lady to task because the gown she donned at the dinner, in honor of Chinese President Hu Jintao, was European.

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“The visit was to promote American-Chinese trade," he said. "American products in China and Chinese products in America. Why wear European clothes?”

MADE IN THE UK: Does de la Renta have a point?

The Michelle Obama pictures above show the elegant red-to-black gown, designed by Sarah Burton from the late Alexander McQueen’s design house.

McQueen was British, as is Burton, and de la Renta thought that Barack's better half should have worn an American designer's work for the occasion.

Everyone's a critic. What do you think of Michelle's dress?


Now please does anybody actually believe that politicians mean what they say? They are expensive ornaments (no not her accessories - Politicians!)


No one besides Oscar de la Renta gives a shit that Michelle Obama's dress was European in origin. When did the First Lady's choice of designer become such a concern that a prominent fashion designer felt as though he had to speak out? And why try to turn it into a political issue when it doesn't even matter in the first place? Oscar de la Renta is just pissed that she didn't wear something designed by him. The fact that her dress is European is irrelevant when it comes to why they were at the State Dinner. She wore a beautiful dress and chose the color out of respect for the Chinese President. De la Renta needs to quit pouting and get over it.


If this is the biggest concern anyone has about the Obama's, we're in deeper s*it than we thought. Besides, President Hu probably acknowleged the color (the dress) and nothing else.

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