Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case: Five New Revelations From Preliminary Hearing

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Last week was not a good one for Dr. Conrad Murray.

In the opening days of the preliminary hearing to determine whether or not there is enough evidence for him to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of Michael Jackson, prosecutors unleashed a deluge of evidence.

While much of the alleged proof of his guilt - and Dr. Murray's defense - has been out there for some time, here were five revelations that were news to THG ...

1. The children saw it. Yes, MJ's kids watched him die. Tragically, Prince and Paris Jackson watched as Murray frantically attempted to revive the pop star.

2. Murray had never done CPR. During efforts to revive MJ, his Head of Security, Faheem Muhammad, says Murray asked, "Does anyone know CPR?"

3. He allegedly tried to cover his tracks. The Michael Jackson death timeline has been debated at length, but the prosecution just played its hand.

When it became clear there was a problem, Murray waited a full 21 minutes before calling 911, at which point he failed to mention the Propofol thing.

During that time, instead, in addition to attempting to revive Michael, he phoned his girlfriend, Jackson's personal assistant and fired off several texts.

4. His behavior was beyond sketchy. Paramedic Richard Senneff said Murray was "sweating" and "hyperkinetic" in the aftermath of what happened.

Sure, that's natural given MJ's collapse, but he also failed to disclose any of the medications he had put Jackson on and would not call a time of death.

Senneff said it was clear Jackson was dead, but Murray urged him against "calling it." MJ was driven to the hospital, where ER docs found him DOA.

5. People grieve in different ways. Apparently. In Murray's case, he announced he was hungry at the hospital, went to find food and peaced out.

When deputies later showed up to begin questioning Murray at the hospital, no one was sure of his whereabouts, leaving him briefly a wanted man.

NOTE: Remember that Murray's defense team has elected to more or less sit this hearing out, let the D.A. play its hand and prepare for trial.

Since this is not the doctor's actual trial, but merely a hearing to decide if he'll stand trial (he will), the defense chose an "observe and report" tack.

Still, tell us: All of this makes you think Dr. Murray is ...


The children didn't watch their father die. They watched Conrad Murray abuse his dead body with a charade of performing CPR. Michael Jackson had long been dead when Murray called Prince up to the bedroom to witness his so-called attempt to save his father. His pupils were fixed and dilated, his eyes were open, rigor mortis was setting in. Conrad Murray is lying about what happened that night. He murdered MJ. The only thing to find out is who put him up to it.


Its been made pretty obvious that he's guilty. Maybe he thinks he can pull an o.j. & get away w/ it. I know u can't judge a person on looks but his eyes say he has a very guilty conscience...


dr. Murray is a murderer and he has to die


guilty! guilty! guilty! Justice for Michael!


I found a mistake in this article that points out a massive flaw in Murray's character. (again) He actually phoned one of his TWO girlfriends!! I think that he is 1000000000% GUILTY. This is probably murder. He wouldn't have concealed his actions or intentionally not called 911 if it was a true mistake... he wanted Jackson dead... but I really don't know why.


Murray's panic and attempts to conceal his actions speaks volumns, as well as his repeatedly lying to the paramedics and
ER personnel. This was not a man thinking his patient was
responsible, this is a man trying to protect himself and hide
what he was doing. And of importance is the fact that any
scene described by Alvarez or the other bodyguards, by the
paramedics or found by the investigators was altered by Murray
before anyone else entered that room. So, the defense plans to put Mr. Jackson's life on trial to divert attention away from Murray's horribly negligent and
criminal behavior.

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