Mel Gibson to Judge: Oksana is Malicious!

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Incredibly, Oksana Grigorieva's claims that Mel Gibson beat her during sex didn't sit well with the star. Now he's moving to have her stripped of custody, STAT.

Mel's lawyer went to court for an emergency hearing Friday, asking the judge to strip the "malicious" Oksana Grigorieva of custody of baby Lucia ASAP.

Oksana claimed earlier in the week that Mel beat her during sex to get aroused. Mel and his lawyers were outraged at the claim - and that it got out.

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Mel accuses Oksana's camp of leaking confidential info.

Mel's family lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, asked Judge Scott Gordon to strip custody from Oksana on grounds she acted maliciously by allegedly leaking the story.

The claim about Mel stems from a court deposition that was supposed to be kept confidential and hasn't been confirmed. It's unclear how the report got out.

Kolodny also argued many allegations Oksana made in her deposition have never been made before and is a belated attempt to smear Mel and harm Lucia.

The judge scheduled a full hearing for next month.




mel gison est un gredin. he is promising a later payment everywhere. it means hi is criminal. he is a shame of AMERICA.


mel gison est un gredin.
he is promising a later payment everywhere.
it means hi is criminal.
he is a shame of AMERICA.


Mel Gibson is right - she is malicious. And no, Shannon, you cannot adopt Lucia. She already has a father that loves her and he's raised 7 wonderful children who love him.


Throughout the investigation into her domestic violence claims against Mel, she never once mentioned this. She didn't mention it at the mediation when she was bargaining for large sums of money. She didn't mention it in any of her interviews, not even to Larry King. But now she suddenly remembers, and oops, it leaked to the press? Please! She is not honest, but she is malicious and I really hope the legal system can stop her destructiveness. I also really feel badly for her children. Oksana's longing for revenge, control, fame, and money has blinded her to the need of her children to live in peace without this kind of dirt constantly being shared with the media.


I BET you what really happened is that mel was spanking her, got too into it & gave her ass a big hard smack & she recently recalled that & is now using it against him. They are both full of shit & neither is capable of raising a baby. Can I adopt lucia?

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