Mary Harvey: Still on the Attack!

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It's like walking around in my life, and I'm not alive in my life.

So Mary Harvey profoundly stated to Jane Velez-Mitchell during an interview on HLN this week, as Steve Harvey's former lover was asked why she waited so many years to lash out against her husband.

The bitter ex-wife was so rattled by the simple question that she actually apologized to the host for her rambling response, saying she was under a lot of stress. She also complained about her lack of "access" to her son, saying the court gave the comedian custody because Steve said she was a "nobody."

Which either means the judge handling the case was the most unprofessional, star struck man to ever don a robe; or there is A LOT Mary isn't telling us...

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I am not going to jump on Mary's band wagon so quickly. Why isn't anyone asking her why she put her 13 year old son on a plane to his dad and he didn't know he was coming. If Steve had her evicted, why does the court documents say she was awarded 3 homes and as far as her wealth is concerned, in the court documents it states she was awarded $1.5 million as a payout and was still given $40,000 per month for 4 years. Now if she doesn't have her son, where is the money? Nobody is asking her the right questions. If she has gone through that kind of money, she needs to get herself a JOB!!!!!


I believe you marry, God will vindicate you just stand. My wife did almost the same thing to me but God vindicated me. Trust God and stand.


I'm not one to really want to bash Steve Harvey, but what he did to his ex-wife is wrong. She deserves a better settlement than that and yes BECAUSE SHE WAS MARRIED TO HIM! It would be different if she came along AFTER he made it! But she was there BEFORE he made it and she sacrificed whatever goals or projects she may have wanted to be a part of to hold it down for him at home! That's an IMPORTANT job too! Steve, you'd better make it right coz' bullying her in the public and in the courts is only going to make your audience walk away from you, and that show, your books, your tours won't make a dime! You owe this woman and that dirty trick you pulled won't fly! Pay her what you owe and put this all behind you, coz' it's only gonna' get bigger if you don't and more detrimental to your career! So do the right thing and pay her what is hers!


Just because Steve Harvey has admitted to doing wrong doesn't make him right. Has he ever made amends with Mary? I think that's a point. He did her dirty and walked away to start his new life.....


Mary there are lot's of women that believe you. Would like to send you some information that will help you to get thru this drama. How do we email you ???


My heart goes out to Mary Harvey, not because of her allegations of Steve cheating on her in their marriage. I feel for her for not having a real relationship with god. God heals all pain. it is obvious she is hurting and in need. Mary must get over what she thinks is success. Money can only take care of creature comforts which only cover 1/3 of one's life. Pray and in due season he will work all out. Wynton's soul will soon yearn for his mother presence. Mary needs to make sure self is together then ALLLLLL will fall into place in due season.


Listen, the statement that there are 2 sides of every story is true. However, when you start writing books, being on television and representing yourself as the relationship guru, you open yourself up for these types of things to happen. Alot of women bought into the books and theory about how men are yet he never once admitted any fault or guilt in any of the books. Before you can teach a woman how to deal with a man you have to have some type of successful relationship yourself. If you are on your 3rd marriage then maybe you are not the man for the job. Listen, the concept of the book was to make money and the books sold but along with the fortune will come to draw backs and you have to accept the bad with the good. He knew of the things that happen in his past when he wrote the books so it is what it is. The only person I feel bad for is the child because he didn't ask for this. All of the adults involved are guilty of something.


There are 3 sides to every story... her side/his side/ the truth. He has admitted to not being a good husband in the past. He has said that he's learned and grown alot. She says he took her wealth. Once you here that then all I can say is you should've had better lawyers to make sure your life style is maintained. Also Steve never claim to be an expert in regaurds to his book. He just talk the thougths and actions from a male point of view without sugar coating. Their marraige is long over. Whatever problems she is having needs to be handled in a non-publicity seeking way. If its about custody/visitation of their minor child then be passionate about that not about what supposedly happen when they were married. Don't look at his current life and dwell on the past life you had with him, look past him. Get youself together and move on. I pray for resolution to all those involved. May GOD be their PEACE in the midst of confusion.


I read an Essence article that said Mary and Steve met and started dating in 1989, yet his ORIGINAL/FIRST wife didn't have their son Broderick (according to wikipedia) until 1991. Say it ain't so! Was Mary Harvey his mistress before she became the missus? If so, I don't feel the least bit sorry for her. She knew what she was getting. If he'll do it WITH you, he'll do it TO you. I remember years ago when Steve had his comedy club here in Dallas and in his act talked about how he hated his ex/first wife. Well, pull up a chair and get comfortable Mary because you're now an official member of the "I Hate My Ex's Club". I bet you thought it was funny as hell then ... not so funny now is it? Don't get too comfortable Majorie ... you're next!! All those wonderful accolades you're receiving he gave to Mary. Marjorie, you're a fool!!!


The is another classic case of the "haves vs the "have nots". Steve know he did not do right by the woman who webt through the struggle with him. He himself has said during interview and especially during his stand-up shows that he was always looking for the next best skirt and was not going home at night. The issue is that now that he's gotten tired of the cat and mouse game that he wants to put every other man on blast and acts as if his --IT don't stink. Mary may not have come across as the most sophisticated person but she is appears to now be awakening from the daze she's been in. It's been well over do for Steve's self righteous,inflated ego to be checked. He needs to give her equal access to there son with little to no confrontation about it and more over she is due a public apology from him!