Mary Harvey on Steve Harvey Infidelity: Just Like Rape

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Let's all hope Mary Harvey never experiences the reason why a comparison she made today was so insensitive and inappropriate.

As a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Steve Harvey's ex continued her attack on her former husband, telling the host that she's first coming out about his infidelity now - in a series of bitter YouTube clips, such as the one below - because "keeping quiet hasn't served me physically. It hasn't served our son... I'm not in good health right now."

Joyner pointed out that Steve is known for completing charity work, but Mary was solely focused on his affair with Marjorie Bridges, Harvey's then-mistress and current wife.

"From a victim standpoint, it's like saying to someone who was raped, and had not had closure from his attacker, that he's still doing some good," Mary said. "It's rape to me."

Earlier today, Mary's former assistant also jumped into the fray, giving her side of the story to another radio host. It didn't help Mary's case.


Hi Eva,I'll write seonthimg later today. However, if you are feeling logical, there are two things to notice.(1) Nothing = not anything (2) In standard English (what we do here) two negatives do NOT make a negative.(I love Spanish. No se. No se nada. No se nada nunca. But we do this differently in my language.)


I believe this women, I. Have no more respect for Steve Harvey


I wouldn't of used the word rape to make that point!, but S.Harvey is another Mel Gibson, both dogs, and have there nerve to say the things they say to women! but It's obvious this woman needs some closer and Counseling in her life!

Wv peach

Someone should bitch-slap this woman for making this horrid comparison. I don't know or care about this story, and Steve Harvey is nothing more than a talking head. I'm sick of both of these fools, including the fake-ass current wife. Rape is a violent crime that leaves devastation in its pathway; this story is a bucket of horse-shit.


Insensitive cunt. does she know that pain of rape? so dude fucked some other woman. that doesn't give you right to compare that to being forcibly raped. to being violated and ripped apart. Fucking ignorance. your situation isn't anything like rape. i'd love to meet this bitch. i'd break her stupid face.

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