Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg and Andy Samberg Meet on SNL: Watch Now!

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Three 'Bergs, one awkwardly funny opening SNL skit.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg personally appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend during host Jesse Eisenberg's opening monologue.

Eisenberg is nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Mark. Andy Samberg? No Oscar nominations, but he was also present.

After all the controversy surrounding The Social Network and its portrayal of the billionaire, it's nice to see there's no bad blood between them ...


to bad suckerberg is such a rich fucking loser. id personally knock him the fuck out if i ever seen him in person.


Wow, you're obviously really old.


People are still watching SNL? I remember waaaay back when watching SNL was 'must see tv'. Now it just isn't funny. It started to jump the shark when the overrated tina fay ruined it. Unfortunately her not funny writing forced the last of the good comedians to leave. Todays characters suck. One word....Gilly!

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