Lisa VanderPump on Real Housewives Finale: A Complete Disaster!

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Kyle Richards says events from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale were among the worst in her life.

How did the limo fight from Hell play out for others closely involved? Lisa VanderPump says in her new Bravo blog the "finale party was a complete disaster."

As a "very close friend" of her co-stars, Lisa asks viewers not to judge the siblings because even she is "not fully aware of the path that these two sisters have taken." What has life been like since the episode aired? VanderPump touched on that topic in her recent entry:

In the weeks that ensued it was very upsetting to see how everybody struggled to put their lives back together, feelings in tatters, feelings that reverberated through the family and friends like myself who hadn't witnessed this devastating altercation, not quite understanding how far this situation had deteriorated to, trying to comprehend that was not an easy task.

And when I saw this episode for the first time it cut me to the quick. Tears rolled freely.

I know that this family ultimately loves each other, but like so many others there are instances when things accelerate into a rapid decline. Then you then have to draw upon the strength and bond that is so resolute, and will hopefully see them through.

I have had an amazing experience with all these women, and am grateful for the laughter and closeness we have shared together. It has been for me a bittersweet journey into an unknown territory, and I now know as we venture forward the women that are thriving should turn and extend a hand to those that need it.

Kyle is definitely a Paris Hilton comical ! Lol. She was so upset they never showed at her daughters graduation and made sure she dropped names while on the phone to them. So believe Camille now, Kyle was so worried that Camille would get filmed all by herself and become a C-list celeb instead of a D like her. She was definitely thrown off by how good Kim was looking at Taylors party... Kyle had to swish her hair, pout, and pose more than ever trying to keep up.


1. not try to be politically correct. You have seen and actually been a part of Kim's mistreatment. If i would be present at Camille dinner, i would jump in the car with Kim. I would not see it as nice treatment of her when all of you women left her driving home alone. You do side on Kyle side more then you should. Obviously you are Kyle friend. However, with all the emails going around, it is to your disadvantage to continue this 'politically' correct blogging. Stand up and say how it really is. By no taking sides, you approve of Kyle beating on Kim and embarrassing her. Kyle’s constant derail of Kim on camera is a disgrace and your luck of admittance to it is your downfall.

Avatar not try tp be politicaly correct. I have seen and actualy been a part of Kim's mistreatment. I i would be present at camille dinner, i would jumo in the car with Kim. I would not see it as nice tratment of her when all of you women left her driving home alone. You do side on Kyle side more then you should. Obviously you are Kyle frined. However, with all the emails going around, it is to your disadvantage to cnotinue this 'politicaly' correct blogging. STand up and say how it irealy is. By no taking sided, you aprove of Kyle beting on Kim and embarasing her. Kyles constante derail of Kim on camera is a digrace and your luck of admitance to it is your dounfall.


Just finished reading more of these hateful blogs about Kyle. Are you people blind? It is so obvious that Kyle has been taking care of poor alcoholic Kim for years. I feel bad for Kim too. She has a disease and needs treatment but Kyle is not the villian here. Kim hasn't worked in years and likely spent all her own money years ago.It appears that Kyle and her husband have been keeping her afloat financially and emotionally a long time and it looks like Kyle has had enough. Why would Kyeland her husband need to steal from Kim? They have plenty of thier own money. None of us know what these 2 sisters have been through together. I think it is ignorant of anyone to hate on Kyle when no one on this blog really knows the circumstances.


I can,t believe all the nasty vile Kyle comments on this blog. She is one of the few women on this show who seems kind and really cares for her kids. Sounds to me like there are a lot of jealous women out there who wish they were in Kyle's position. She is a beautiful woman with a handsome husband and a lot a money. Sounds like sour graqpes to me! Get a life Kyle haters! It is pretty obvious that Kim has some seroious issues and that Kyle has been helping her for years. She should show some gratitude after she gets some treatment for her obvious addiction problems.


Hmm...I wouldnt jump to judge any one of these ladies...there seems to be alot more going on here than being showed! Before attacking them, i suggest putting yourself in their shoes!!! All may seem vile in their own way, but there is only so much camera time, and its not like we have known them and their life stories in total from the day they were born!!! Imagine a camera crew joining your life now and showing your relationships and attitude to the public, you just might seem as vile as them!!!


Lisa is my favorite because of her hilarious sense of humor, sweet spirit and I love PINK too!


Kyle is an astonishing example of someone who initially appears attractive...then appears hideously ugly after one witnesses their true nature!!!!!!She actually looks demonic now...creepy.


Kyle is a foul, disgusting, abusive, bullying, vicious, attention whoring, conceited, dangerous, dumpy little piece of shit lowlife. =)


Taylor looks like a female version of the Frankenstein Monster...all that's missing are the bolts on her neck!!!: GRROOSSS. What a pathetic, phony, desperate, golddiggin poser she is. She and Vile Kyle make a "lovely" pair. Scary shit

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