Lisa VanderPump on Real Housewives Finale: A Complete Disaster!

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Kyle Richards says events from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale were among the worst in her life.

How did the limo fight from Hell play out for others closely involved? Lisa VanderPump says in her new Bravo blog the "finale party was a complete disaster."

As a "very close friend" of her co-stars, Lisa asks viewers not to judge the siblings because even she is "not fully aware of the path that these two sisters have taken." What has life been like since the episode aired? VanderPump touched on that topic in her recent entry:

In the weeks that ensued it was very upsetting to see how everybody struggled to put their lives back together, feelings in tatters, feelings that reverberated through the family and friends like myself who hadn't witnessed this devastating altercation, not quite understanding how far this situation had deteriorated to, trying to comprehend that was not an easy task.

And when I saw this episode for the first time it cut me to the quick. Tears rolled freely.

I know that this family ultimately loves each other, but like so many others there are instances when things accelerate into a rapid decline. Then you then have to draw upon the strength and bond that is so resolute, and will hopefully see them through.

I have had an amazing experience with all these women, and am grateful for the laughter and closeness we have shared together. It has been for me a bittersweet journey into an unknown territory, and I now know as we venture forward the women that are thriving should turn and extend a hand to those that need it.
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Hi Kim, Honey be strong, you don't need this show to dienfe you. You are a woman, a wife, a mother, a best friend, you don't need a show to make you anything more than what God created. And that is something beautiful, wonderful and remember theres only one you. Enjoy it, celebrate it and if you ever need a shoulder, I have a good solid one. We all need to life one another up not tear down. I used to enjoy the housewives until it turned as fake as wrestling. Who needs the antics, the drama, the hurtful things or the drama, noone. At the end of the day, thank God for all your blessings and pick up your Bible and thank the Lord above for all the good things in your life. God bless. From another Kim J


Kyle's home life seem to be happy so why does she not want her sister to be happy it doesn't make sense.
Kyle attacks belittles and constantly talks about Kim its sad then she cries saying how much she loves Kim thats garbage shes so fake.
Kyle acts like an enemy instead of a sister if my sister talked about me to everyone and anyone who would listen I would have nothing to do with her.
Maybe Kyle needs her mental health checked or at least see a therapist.
Kyle also needs to stop wearing those short dresses she doesn't have the legs for them.
She has beautiful hair and a lovely face but she needs to work on being a better sister .


i love cameille she is the best and kim klye treat her sis bad. kyle i dont understand her she may have some problem


Nobody on this show could out-do the desperate for attention, self-centered, low-life, man hungry Camille---plah-eeeeeeeeeeez!


Losa Vanderpoop is getting on my last nerve. Let's face it...she is BFF's with Vyle Kyle...that makes her dirt. Remember her BFF Cedric?? hmmmmmm Something very shady about this obnoxious Brit!!


Sorry that email about the dog was for Lisa not Kim.


Hahahahahahah bitches of the BH Housewives. Camille Grammer is on CNN doing the Oscar coverage!!!!! How do you like that, Vyle? And you didn't Camille filming alone in Hawaii on BH Housewives!!! Karma, Bile and Losa and Traylor!!! LOL


Kyle Vile doesn't need any protection, Lisa. She is the one people need protection FROM. So stop jumping to her defense like her bitch, you look ridiculous. Kyle is playing you like a fiddle.


Lisa is such a wierd FAG HAG. Maybe if she didn't hang out with all of these freaky men (should pay more attention to her husband) she wouldn't keep getting into these fights, car accidents (dumbass tried to pass the poor guy on the right..then called him a "lumberjack") and Cedric. Lisa is a pathetic, desperate, failed actress who will do anything to be in the limelight. AND she is friends with Vyle Kyle..."show me your company"...don't be fooled by her stupid British accent and affected behavior...LOSA is a LOWLIFE. Go back to England. Did you hear the pretentious twit telling the airline worker that she is "friends with Richard" (owner of Virgin airlines)..what an asshole. No one in America cares about him, or the Vanderpumps and her criminally inclined gay companions.


Lisa, you treat people and animals as if they are your accessories. Your poor husband looks like a simp following you around with the stupid dog dressed in matching outfits. Ridiculous...pretentious, silly, affected Brit. And what the hell do you see in Kyle? You are not a very good judge of character, dear. First Cedric, now Kyle....