Lindsay Lohan is DONE With Clubbing

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So ... Lindsay Lohan is never going clubbing again.

As in forever. Ev. Er. Like for reals. No more of this.

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According to TMZ, the star is telling people she is "completely over the club scene" and realizes that cutting it out is the best way to avoid temptation.

No more of this, Lindsay vows ... sadly/fortunately.

In other words, no more going with her crew and "just having water." She is serious about remaining sober and believes cold turkey is the way to go.

If you can stop laughing for five seconds, you can also note that, supposedly, she's even ditching friends and colleagues with whom she goes clubbing.

She'll therefore socialize only with her lawyer and Michael Lohan from now on.

Kidding. Possibly. What do you think? Can Lindsay's goal be achieved?


Im so proud of her i miss her acting she was one of the best good acter a beautiful.. GO LINDSAY!!!


I personaly believe lindsey can do it. I strongly think she has had enough of the "negative" spotlight. Ne one can change If they r willing to work at it. Even IF she doesent accomplish this goal this time, once again. Hopefully she will be one step closer.


Something tells me Lindsay has not hit her personal bottom yet. She is in a vunerable place and the people surrounding her are not helping. Agree with Compo- she's got work to do and the best place to do it and the best people to help are in the rooms. They've been there,that's why they are there. Best of luck Lindsay.


I sure hope LiLo can get her act together but having known folks that made several cycles through rehab unsuccessfully I know this stuff can be tough to lick. Time will tell, best of luck to her, but until she shows that she's enjoying living clean (i.e. has hobbies, pets, clean friends, interests other than drugs, does things to grow and stretch herself, etc.) I can't let my kids watch her movies and think of her as a role model.


Lindsay, thats a start if you don't want to slip stay out of
slippery places. READ THE BOOK and do the steps it works, I know
20yrs and the people in the rooms are better then my real family.
Keep coming back


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