LeBron James Blames Struggles of Former Team on Karma, God

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LeBron James knows why the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Lakers by 55 points last night and why his former team has the worst record in basketball: fans of the franchise are being punished by God for daring to boo the superstar.

We wish we were joking, but LeBron took to Twitter after the Cavs blow out and wrote: Crazy. Karma is a bitch. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

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This, of course, would mean that God also watched The Decision and yet has chosen to support James in light of the most egotistical act in the history of professional sports. Weird.

We wish He would stick to forcing Steve Johnson to drop game-winning touchdown passes.


yeah lebron......karma IS a bitch. Cant fucking wait till it comes back for what you did. and gizzy....i dont even watch basketball and im more on the facts than you are. He was all anyone could talk about when he shit the bed and purposely let his team lose. He'll get whats comin to him. and we'll all be smiling :)


Karma will rear its ugly head for Lebron as well when the NBA goes on strike next season.


@Hilton Hater: Thanks, that was a very well written response. LeBron's leaving is absolutely secondary to the inexcusably disrespectful way he chose to do so. Also, God clearly doesn't exist. If he did, the Almighty Smiter would have already smited LeQuit for being the world's greatest ass!


Dan Gilbert is starting to taste his own medecine.


Gizzy, you are a jackass.


@gizzy: LeBron didn't "give" Cleveland seven years, as if he was doing the team some favor. He was under contract and paid tens of millions of dollars.
Moreover, you need to read up on your basketball facts: the Cavs were the top seed in the East two years in a row. It's not like he played on poor teams. Anyone who watched him play the Celtics in the 2010 playoffs knows he absolutely gave up on his teammates and is the main reason they lost.
All that said, it wasn't going to Miami that has drawn ire for LeBron. It was the unparalleled, self-centered way in which he did, exacerbated now by the fact that he thinks God is actually punishing Cleveland.


O give me a break everybody acts like what lebron did was so bad the cavs are some ungreatful bastards the man gave then 7 years and with their team never got a ring you can't be on a team by yourself...what would you do...god don't like ugly that's what they are getting for how they treated him after 7 yrs!!!!!!