Leah Simms, Husband Corey Relive, Reflect on Teen Mom Heartbreak

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For Teen Mom’s Leah Simms, her separation from now-husband Corey was hard enough without reliving the heartbreak on the MTV hit show this week.

The parents of 13-month-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah watched the January 11 premiere episode with family and friends at their West Virginia home.

Like plenty of viewers, they got choked up as they watched themselves on screen.

Leah Simms, Family

"We got emotional watching the scene because you could just see how much we loved each other," Leah Simms, 18, tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

At the time, the pair were reeling from their split, Leah's subsequent dalliance with ex-boyfriend Robbie and daughter Ali's unexplained health woes.

And while they still don't have answers about their little one - "Ali has had MRIs and we're still going to doctors," Leah says - the relationship is solid.

The couple, who wed last fall, has no regrets about the past tumult: "If I hadn't made that mistake, I wouldn't have learned from it," she says.

Perhaps there's hope for Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley yet.


This one out of the other teen stories was pretty hard to watch. These guys only knew eachother for a MONTH and she got preggo with TWINS!! There's a lesson to be learned~where a condom!!
But they got passed the shock, married and moved in and are really trying to make it work. They realize that they want a intact family for there twins and I commend them, esepcially for maturing and being parents. All the best to you guys! Stay strong, it will be a very hard stuggle but when you see your twins I hope and think that will pull you back to reality and what really matters.


So happy for you guys, relationships are never easy but you have those beautiful twin daughters to stay together for. Everything happens for a reason & I think you both are great people. Saying prayers for Aliannah :)


Im so glad everything worked out. But ,I also hope allianna is going to be okay too.


Yay I'm happy for them :)


I am so glad to see these two work out. They are wonderful people. She is such a good mom and he is a great dad! Good for them:) I hope things work out for Ali as well.. But atleast shes got great support.


I am so glaaaad they worked it out. Corey seems really awesome, and I hope Leah knows that she has a good one. Your family is in my prayers.