Leah Messer and Corey Simms: Married Teen Mom Stars Seeking Fresh Start, Too

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Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, they will how be able to do so as a united front.

Tuesday night's episode showed Corey and Leah, just 16 when she got pregnant, vow to make a "fresh start" for each other and their twin girls.

Looks like it worked. Leah Messer reunited with and married Corey Simms last fall! It won't be easy, but the Teen Mom 2 stars are in it together ...

Shortly after welcoming the twins, they split after Leah cheated on Corey. Then one of the girls, Aliannah, began experiencing health problems.

She appears to be developing at a much slower rate than her twin sister, Aleeah. It's very sad, but if nothing else, the family is intact once again.

At least both parents are there for her - and for each other.


i relly like you show are you and corey geting a long i hope you are i love your babys they are so cute and adorable


hey how are you and the babys and corey doing i hope it is good


leah i really love your baby girls they are very cute and adorable. I know that you and corey will last 4-ever. I love that u all worked things out i knew you all could do it? I will be watching the teenmom 2? OH and i hope everything gose well with your babygirl ali?