Lady Gaga vs. Britney Spears: Who Will Rule 2011?

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As she announced earlier via pants-less Twitter pic, Lady Gaga has a new album out this spring. But she'll have some serious competition as she looks to cement her place as the reigning queen of pop music and culture:

Britney Spears.

Gaga's single, "Born This Way," is due out next month, with her album of the same name set for May. Britney's album is scheduled for a March release.

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Britney Spears, Short Shorts

Which pop queen will conquer music in 2011?

Which bombshell will rise to the top of the heap? Can they deliver truly cutting-edge music or will they rely on their persona to carry them forward?

On top of musical similarities, the two have rabid fan bases (Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney have the most Twitter fans worldwide, in that order).

While Gaga's image is unique and experimental, she's still so new to the scene that it's hard to know what to expect in terms of her musical style.

The same is true, oddly enough, of Britney. Despite being a seasoned vet, she's so micromanaged that musically, she's now a veritable blank slate.

These new Britney song lyrics were leaked, but would anything she does fail to satisfy her fans? Spears is as bulletproof as they come in this era.

Because The Fame was so groundbreaking and so fresh, the pressure is more on Gaga to produce something of comparable cultural significance.

Both will rack up huge sales because people are invested in them. Even if the albums are merely average, fans want them to succeed as people.

But if either superstar comes out with an album that's edgy, catchy, different and brilliant on its own merit, that's who will rule the year in music.

What do you think? Whose album will fare better this year?


Of course gaga britney never appealed to me she been trying to sing the same bullshit for 12 years her music has made no progress it has just gotten wrost she is so autotune she sounds like a robot some of her still living on an 12 year old album sales 20 million she hasnt sold 20 million in years Lady gaga may not be the best singer in the world but atleast she sings i wouldnt waste my money on crap she probably barely put input into I will be buying Born this way.


I hate both of them alot but I'd rather go with brittney spears cause gaga is soooooooooooooooooo bad shes very inapropreat and she would go on stage in a bikkinie and she has so I'd vote spears than gaga


It is clear by reading some of these comments that Gaga fans are shaking in their boots. Britney Spears has been around for a long time and has overcome challenge after challenge to remain on top and she will continue her reign in 2011. Those Gaga fans who call Britney manufactured need a reality check; Gaga has ripped off sound and style from countless other artists and has a whole team of producers, managers and stylists that micromanage every aspect of her image.


they r both retarted especially lady gaga if i had to choose though i would choose brittany spears but i hate both of them because they r both retarts


Britney Spears is more more more better and bigger than gaga


Britney Spears is the queen in 2011-2020
Britney is more better and bigger then gaga


Lady Gaga of course, Born This Way is going to be a masterpiece, and it sell a lot more albums than that no talent white trailer park trashes album, I'm gonna laugh my ass off when Britney's album sucks and flops, it will be an even bigger flop that Floptina's bionic album, do the world a favor and stay away please, Britney's music is pure garbage.


Lady gaga and her album are way to over-hyped I'm gonna laugh when her album sucks! for britney spears...she has some catchy songs but I can only take so much autotune in one day. But I think gaga is gonna have bigger album sales hands down.


WhatS up on lady gaga's dealth? Is it a rumor?

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