Lady Gaga vs. Britney Spears: Who Will Rule 2011?

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As she announced earlier via pants-less Twitter pic, Lady Gaga has a new album out this spring. But she'll have some serious competition as she looks to cement her place as the reigning queen of pop music and culture:

Britney Spears.

Gaga's single, "Born This Way," is due out next month, with her album of the same name set for May. Britney's album is scheduled for a March release.

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Britney Spears, Short Shorts

Which pop queen will conquer music in 2011?

Which bombshell will rise to the top of the heap? Can they deliver truly cutting-edge music or will they rely on their persona to carry them forward?

On top of musical similarities, the two have rabid fan bases (Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney have the most Twitter fans worldwide, in that order).

While Gaga's image is unique and experimental, she's still so new to the scene that it's hard to know what to expect in terms of her musical style.

The same is true, oddly enough, of Britney. Despite being a seasoned vet, she's so micromanaged that musically, she's now a veritable blank slate.

These new Britney song lyrics were leaked, but would anything she does fail to satisfy her fans? Spears is as bulletproof as they come in this era.

Because The Fame was so groundbreaking and so fresh, the pressure is more on Gaga to produce something of comparable cultural significance.

Both will rack up huge sales because people are invested in them. Even if the albums are merely average, fans want them to succeed as people.

But if either superstar comes out with an album that's edgy, catchy, different and brilliant on its own merit, that's who will rule the year in music.

What do you think? Whose album will fare better this year?


I think it will depend on what Britney will do. If she does awesome and huge performances with LIVE or GOOD dacing (things that she haven't done since a while), she will kill Gaga.
But if she continues to do shit performances as she's done with the Circus period, she will be nothing next to Gaga. Musically, i think that Gaga is way better, her music is more meaningful whereas Britney's are more dance-beat made for dancefloor only. Personally, i've voted for Gaga, Britney seems so bored everytime i see one of her performance, she lost her soul since the VMA performance. She still ly-synch whereas she dances like an elefant, wtf?


you know what's the problem with you guys who hate GAGA?
because you are stupid. We are talking about Singer. Performer. Artist.
No let's talk about Britney. How's her voice? SUCKS.
I was 100 percent agree what rahrahryan (the guy above.) who said : "Her (britney) music isnt good at all specially her new shit makes me gag. Theres no meaning to it. Theres no passion. She dosent even write her own songs. I bet she dosent even have a spirit or passion for music. Her songs are good for late night drunkin parties" Come on GAGA-haters.
You can't lie to your self.
GAGA is better all the way than Britney.


Britney is following gaga.omw u r so stupid. britney is so over-rated. im buying born this way!


Lady gaga of course!! Evryone knws she's the Queen of Pop. She became an even bigger pop star in 2010 without even releasing an album. Just watch & mark my words; Born This Way is gona debut @#1 with 2 to 3 million units sold in a week.. She has a huge fanbase thts definetly not gona let her down:) luv u GaGa.


LADY GAGA is the new QUEEN of POP. people need to realize that britney is a low-down untalented overrated over hyped stupid bimbo. lady gaga can sing. britney uses auto-tune. lady gaga is the best the world has ever seen before. all of britneys fans are dumbasses anyway.


Gaga's a joke! One time hit! Next!


I em of latin american venezuela please everybody love lady gaga is mayor wath justin beiber the stupid


IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH! Everyone is so over Gaga now. Britney took sometime off, but now she is back to win it. BRITNEY FTW!


britney spears !!! lady gaga is old news , people already got boars of her


Britney Spears for SURE! Britney is the Original & World waiting for her! gaga never mind.

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